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Sick kitty & need postive mojo

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Hey all, adopted Remy on Thursday. She became very ill yesterday. Took to vet today and he diagonosed Coccidia. He gave her a shot, subQ fluids, and a two week treatment of Albon. She has not eaten since I brought her home on Thursday, and has only slept since I brought her home from the vet. Gave her the antibotic which came back up within a few minutes.

I know this sounds tearible, but really don't know if I can handle this. You see, just about a year ago I lost my big kitty Cleo (12yrs) to liver failure. For the 2 months up to her death at home, I had to give her antibotics and subQ fluids, and went through so many cans of food just trying to get her to eat.

Today dealing with this new baby has taken me right back to that time. Where I thought that I would be spending an adventrous weekend introducing the new baby to my 9 year old has turned into having to quarantine them and hoping that she is ok. Please don't get me wrong as I will take care of this baby, just need to hear something positive.

Thanks for your ear,
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I am so sorry that you are going though this difficult time with your new kitten. This must be very painful for you, with sad memories of your beloved furbaby so clear right now. I will pray that you have the courage & patience to take care of little Remy, who needs you so much. Healing MoJo coming your way.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you!
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It helps to keep in mind that it is not the same situation as with your cat, Cleo even though it looks like you're going down the same road. It helps too to just look at the step that is right ahead of you , whether it's feeding Remy or giving antibiotics, etc. rather than days ahead. That can get discouraging. Keep in mind too that pets have made astounding recoveries even when things looked the worst .
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I am sorry for all the painful memories this is bringing up, but this is something that can be cured. I am sure that you are, but get food and fluids into Remy, even if it's by handfeeding today. The lethargy sounds to me like there may be a fever...certainly Remy is not feeling well yet.

Please keep us posted, and I will say a prayer that Remy begins feeling better asap.
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Hi all, thanks for the thoughts. Remy is doing a bit better. She is able to take the antibotic with it staying down. Having to hand feed her every few hours baby food as she still will not eat on her own. On the good side, she seems to be laying better...not all balled up that cats do when they are sick. I will keep you posted.

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Thanks for the hopeful update. Way to go little Remy. You both are in my thoughts & prayers.
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Just an update. Remy is feeling soooo much better!!! In fact, now we are dealing with a really upset kitty because she has to be quarentined in a room for another week and really not liking it. Any suggestions of how I can make her life a bit better in this room would be greatly appreciated. I am taking her outside for a bit each day, but do not want her to get use to this as she is gonna be an indoor cat.

Thanks for any tips,
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