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I'm in a ghost town....

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I seem to be the only person on at the moment... save for the 9 other people who are just ghostly apparitions... this is scary..

and I even brought fresh cookies *sigh, guess i'll have to eat them all by my self.....

Good thing I don't have a propencity to run around half naked when no ones around (I prefer to do that in crowds )

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I'm here!

No need to strip down just yet though, as one person does not constitute a crowd.
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HEy now...

You weren't here a second ago... freaky man.. freaky...

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Please Ken, I'm begging you DON'T STRIP because that would be a scary sight. See you in a few hours -- hehehehehehehe. BTW, have ice in that glass of wine when I get there.

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Hey Ken.....

I could use a few cookies.... email me some ok?
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Me too. Although I am on a caffenie high. I had two mugs of coffee and I am bouncing off the walls!!!!
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Ken, you brought cookies? Do you have any beer to go with them.... :LOL: (cookies and beer, what a concept... )

Let's bring Sandie in on this cookies & beer party, I think we could really have a great time!
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I've got a big box of day-old do-nut holes. I get them...waaaait for it...WHOLESALE!!!! :LOL: :LOL:
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Sounds like a party to me Wayne! Ya got some beer we can dunk them in??? :LOL:
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Wayne dont drink... not even beer. But he dont need it as he is crazy (oops i mean funny) enough without it.
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Hey guys!! Chuck a cookie this way will ya?!!
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