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my mum lost Blue and Zebedee

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Unfortunatly the other day my mums beautiful blue/Grey puss cat - Blue - was found laying by a bush near to where they live. Covered in blood and cuts, she had lost half her body weight, only 2 1/2 years old. a truely stunning cat. The vet believes the injuries are consistant with either a road accident or a fox. she was bearly alive but thought to pull through, sadly they lost her 3am this morning. and to cap it all an hour later they lost an 8 week old kitten who passed away in his sleep. he hadnt been ill, infact he was the healthiest bounciest little man i had seen. Please send your prayers to my mum who is inconsoulable at this time. thank you for letting me share this with you.
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I am so sorry for your losses. It is hard enough to lose 1, I cannot imagine 2 at once. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Oh, Corinna - please rush to your mother my deepest sympathies - to lose Blue in such a horrific[b] manner, then to lose the kitten - no wonder she is inconsolable!!! Last summer, my husband's dog killed one of my cats, Ronnie, & I still have moments of anguish (the dogs are now in a pen that my grandson & I call the penitentiary) - my heart bleeds for poor little Blue. And to have lost dear little Zebedee who would have been a comfort, oh, but life can be sooo hard! But please remind your mom that they are both in Rainbow Bridge, together, no less; they have names & were loved. Also, an odd thought, did you hear about the man who killed his family in Mountain Meadows, Riverside County, California, earlier this week? (He shot his 3 kids, wife & his own mother)...Anyway, one of the little girls was said to LOVE horses & cats; and maybe Blue and Zebedee crossed the Bridge, with tails uplifted, to a precious little human soul who was forced to leave her own kitties much too early. Please keep us posted, as I would dearly love to hear how your poor mom is doing. And thank you for being there for her!!!! Also, please tell her that candles are burning in California in honor of her precious little ones. Hugs, Susan
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I'm sorry to hear about Blue and Zebedee, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your mother.
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Oh how very sad, you are all in my Thoughts and Prayers
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This is terrible news. My thougths are with you and your mother at this hard time. I feel so bad I don't know what else to say.
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How horrible. I am so sorry for both of you. I am praying for you both. :-(
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oh thats just such a horrible thing to happen... Your poor mom.
Let her know that I heard every drinking bowl at the rainbow bridge has a goldfish in it...
Warm thoughts from afar

Kim & Dax
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many many thanks to you all for your kind words. I have passed them on to my mum. And she also thanks you all from the bottom of her heart. I still can not find the words to say to her, as she is still so upset. She is that close to her cats, they are classed as my siblings, and she loves them all greatly. Blue was her special girl as she was the only human that she would go to. Zebedee was pretty much the same, her little man. Once again so many thanks. Corrina
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