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Cat came back alive??

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I was giving my 9 month old kitten a bath. The water was running but the tub wasnt full. I was pouring water over him with a bowl and I made sure not to get his head wet. I was also using cat shampoo. So anways, he was being good most of the time and not freaking out which is not too normal for him. He did try to get out of the tub and was scratching so I had to hold him back by the skin on his neck. After I was done giving him a bath I took him out and dried him off. As I took him out he layed down on the towel which was weird and all the sudden when I was drying him off he got really stiff and his eyes opened really wide and stayed like that. It was really weird and I thought he died because he got hard. I freaked out and ran out of the bathroom and called the vet. After about 5 minutes I went to see him and he was sitting on the couch licking himself. You might think I'm crazy or something but I swear he was dead. I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this? I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow but I'm still worried right now. His nose is dry and he doesn't seem to eat/drink a lot but I'm not always home to see. He seems really skinny as well and his coat is oily and unhealthy looking even thought he just got a bath. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Sounds to me like he had a seizure. My dog Prince used to have seizures and would as a result sometimes go stiff as a board. Othertimes because he had no muscle control he would flop around.

Did he seem really disoriented right afterwards?
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I agree, sounds like a seizure.
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Another possibility is that he had a reaction the shampoo you used - take the bottle to the vet with you so that he/she can look at the ingredients.
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Yep what Tracey said- take the bottle with you. It is possible when fighting the bath he got some of the shampoo in his mouth. Next time, just use Dawn liquid soap- best thing to bathe a cat with- and safest. But cat's really don't need baths. God gave them all the equipment they need. I took one of my cats to a professional groomer to be bathed and clipped. Three days later, he died in my arms from toxic pet shampoo.
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