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Cat Grass

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I was in this gardening shop today and they sold cat grass! Of course I had to buy some for Guin to try (once it grows). I have read the packet and the instructions etc and it all looks pretty easy.

Anyone got any further info / tips that I might need to know about? Also, once it grows do I cut it for Guin or just let him munch on the grass straight from the pot?

We are going to have so much fun!
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let him "mow" the grass
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Ok... I sowed the seeds on Saturday night - how long will they take to grow?
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Actually, Gilly, I would like to know what your instructions said..
I have some but its just the seeds with no instructions..
Ie, small pot, wet soil, need light?

Let us know how they grow!!
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basic instructions from yester year//lmao... lightly cover seeds with soil and h2o ... reasonable sun like a sill is good ... most germinate in 7-14 days/// aollow munching when grass is a few inches high
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Our cats like Oats, and the seed is around $2.00 for a 5 lb bag, slightly more economical than the pet store packets. From planting to eating is usually around 4-5 days. They love it.

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I have a question about cat grass. I see it in the supermarket, and garden supply store I go to, and have been tempted to purchase it for my cats, but how do I know if it is ok to give it to them??? Foxi my female himy loves to try and munch on my plants, so of course they are kept up high. Would offering cat grass make her less apt to try for my plants, or encourage her to try and get them?? Should cat grass be left down at all times?? Will it cause vomiting as regular grass does to dogs?? I have had cats my whole life, but know nothing about cat grass. Please help.
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It is normally to distract cats from plants, but they still can get into them. If they aren't good for the cat, it's best to just keep them away. Also, if your cat is a digger, don't let him/her near them at all, because whether they get cat grass or not, they'll dig. Learned that the hard way! LOL!

I give CJ and Billy cat grass a lot. I buy it a Wal-Mart, and it takes about a day to grow.
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Thanks for the replies!

I have checked on my grass today and it looks like it is growing! I have it in the kitchen in a semi sunny/shady spot (depends on when the sun is there!). I shall update on it's growth progress!

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