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HI New here.

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HI Am new here,We have a cat, she is approximately one year old, called Moggy. HAve never had a pet before, but we are loving having her.
HAve a question though-
She keeps licking the ground outside the house ( stone ). Is this normal behaviour?
Thanks Hinda
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Hi Hinda! Welcome to TCS

I'm not sure about Moggy licking the ground but I'm sure someone with an idea will be around soon!

If you need to know anything about TCS feel free to PM (just click on my username) me and I will help you best that I can!

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Hi, and welcome, and Hi to you, Moggy ! A Sabra kitty, I think that's way cool ! It could be that there is some mineral in the ground that Moggy likes, or if it is just one place that she licks, maybe someone spilled some tuna juice or something there. Is Moggy a full-time outside cat, or does she alternate from inside to outside ? Are there predators there that might harm her ? Here in the US, we have coyotes, hawks, eagles, and dumb people that don't like cats. Take care of her and she will afford you many years of pleasure and love. Again, welcome. Leonard.
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