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Does your cat like to be kissed?

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Does your cat like to be kissed? Garfield loves it, and squints his eyes and smiles when kissed. Festus dislikes kisses. In fact, if she jumps on my lap when I am doing paperwork, I can pick her up and kiss her a few times, and she will leave! Silly girl! Otherwise, she is very loving!

How about your cat or cats?

Please note, you can vote more than once, in case you have more than one cat!
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Oh yeah! Big time! I'll kiss him and rub my face against his and then he's turn and start licking my face, my nose, my eyelids and hairline. Then he'll hold his neck for me to start lovin on him again. I love it! Feels so good doesn't it?
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Oh yeah! Big time! I'll kiss him and rub my face against his and then he's turn and start licking my face, my nose, my eyelids and hairline. Then he'll hold his neck for me to start lovin on him again. I love it! Feels so good doesn't it?
I don't know! Gar never kisses back! But he does come up to me and rub his face and whiskers against my cheek, and I do believe that is a kitty kiss! Festie actually licks me sometimes, when I am petting her a lot, she switches into bath mode and licks my fingers! Funny girl!
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I will say yes, even though it's only sometimes. He's a very fickle boy is my Guin... sometimes he loves me kissing him othertimes he gets scared and runs off!!! Mind you, if I saw me coming to kiss me, I would get scared too!!! lol

Oh and I only really kiss him on the top of his head...
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Mine hate to be kissed, but I do it anyway! Mostly they get kisses on the tops of their heads. Emma and Mac get the most. Grace does not like to be held or petted much, let alone kissed. I sneak in as many as I can, being very careful of her sharp little claws.
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Mik definitely likes kisses but Lex absolutely LOVES them. Lex will headbutt my mouth whenever it's in close proximity to his head. And then he will lick my face or arms if I'm holding him.
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I'd say they do!

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Where's the option for "She doesn't like it but I do it anyway?" She tolerates it!
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All of mine like to be kissed. Fred will give me kitty kisses, then he will put up the top of his head to be kissed.
Pepper will give hugs and kisses, then she wants some in return.
Even when Pearl was still scared of everything, she liked kisses, and still does. She will close her eyes, turn her little face to me and pucker up. It is almost child like.
Scooter like to be kissed all over his face while having his tummy rubbed.
I just love that all my babies like kisses!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I'd say they do!
Awwwww see little Sophie is waiting for her kiss too!!

I am going to ask my neighbour (Bam Bam's mummy) to take a pic of Guin and I - she is the only other person in the whole world that he is comfortable with. Anyone else, he runs a mile!
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Yep! Just this morning I was sitting at the computer read the forums (yes thecatsite) and Andy walked in front of me (over the keyboard) - I threw a kiss at him as he was passing - he stopped, took a step towards me and presented the side of his face to my lips. I properly kissed him and he went on his way. Still has me smiling@
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I checked yes, but I don't know if she likes it or just tolerates it.
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Spaz doesn't mind, Trouble doesn't mind and Shadow doesn't mind.
Cassi won't let you that close, I've never tried with Ivory.

Vash absolutely hates it, it's cute though, he wrinkles his nose up, and gives you his "Put me down!" mew, makes me want to kiss him more
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Katie loves to be kissed but only from me. She even kisses me back, I call it "The Katie Kiss" she pushes her lips and nose into my lips, it's SO cute!
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Susan ... what an adorable picture of the girls...all three.

Dexter & Sadie love to be kissed & I love kissing them.
Originally Posted by rosiemac
I'd say they do!

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Oh, Susan, that is a great pic of a kitty kiss!

LilysMom, I know what you mean. I was fostering a semi-feral who finally tamed up enough to pet her. A couple of times I pinned her and planted a kiss right on top of her head. I KNOW she didn't enjoy it, but I couldn't help myself. Last I heard she was sleeping in bed every night with her new foster Mom, so I'll bet she gets plenty of kisses now!

My Festie girl can tolerate one kiss, but if I really want to shoo her off, just plant a bunch of exuberant kisses on her. She doesn't fight them, but she will leave as soon as she can!
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I think Tucker hates it, but he endures..& he complains the whole time.
And then I always tell him..
"Oh, the sacrifices that he makes! The indignities that he suffers! The tortures that he endures! He truly is a matryr for his kind!"
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Definitley! I kiss and hug Sash at the same time and he never complains and I do this many times a day. He just closes his eyes and he looks like he feels so loved. It makes me feel so happy when I kiss my boy.
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Cindy loves all manner of smoochies, including kisses -- until she remembers SCB (Serious Cat Business), whereupon she vanishes NOW. Fawn likes her kisses, when she joins me at the bathroom sink, patrolling the counter and checking to make sure that whatever it is that I am doing I am doing right. I stop often to smooch the top of her head, and she leans into it. Suzy...? not demonstrative, not into close contact, etc. But if you can get into the right position to plant a smooch on her head, she won't say no. Just don't get carried away, OK human? TCH!
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Yes, she does, and I love giving my baby girl sweet kisses!
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Milky not always like he be kissed! but sometimes he make us a lot of snuggles and acept a kiss ..
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Gracie LOVES being kissed. She also gives them (only to me) on request. Katie seems to tolerate them. She seems like hugs more and will put her head on my shoulder whenever I pick her up. When I give Pete kisses on the top of his head, he just looks at me like "what are you doing?" Guess he needs to get used to kisses!
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Dusty's a kisser, prolly the most kissing cat I have.

Hammie just rubs his face. On everything. Doesn't mind humans rubbing their faces on him.

Snickers LOVES to be kissed, he'll lay still while ya kiss his nose & forehead.

Zorro hates kisses; he will tear half your face off if you get too close.

KC likes kisses; she gets all drooly.

And Miss Jessie goes bonkers for human kisses.

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if i have to sleep with one kitty on my back and the other ones butt in my face they can put up with being kissed!
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Tailer LOVES to get kisses...but only from my hubby and me. (It's a special treat for him to be "mugged" by the two of us. We both hold him and give him kisses all over at the same time.)

Forest HATES to be kissed. He hates to be crowded too much or restrained in any way.

Harvey tolerates it...if he HAS to.
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Trent LOVES kisses, asks for them, demands them, and gives them back too. He's such a lovey little guy.

Ophelia will kiss Daddy properly - little licks on his nose and eyelids, and rubs her face against his. Her kisses to Mommy are any time when she gets her face within 2 inches of mine. The only way I can kiss her on her head is if I sneak up on her, and I get a look of death for my trouble. LOL More than one and I would lose flesh.
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My Reebok loved being kissed and most of the time he would kiss me back.
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fin loves my kisses only from me.. but shadow doesnt LIKE it but he'll put up with one before wackin whoever is bugging him.. lol
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Oscar only likes it sometimes....although when he was little, I taught him to give eskimo kisses (rubbing nosses) so he does it back BUT only when he wakes up or is getting ready to sleep.
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Zoe likes kisses...she'll sit there and let me rub her forehead with my nose and kiss the top of her head. Then she'll lick my nose or forehead. My little Destruct-O Kitty is a sweetie when she wants to be.
Miss Kitty doesn't like it as much, but she'll put up with it.
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