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Yellowjackets/ Wasps?

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This morning we had a fun little situation, little Kasha had followed me into the kitchen, and normally she'll follow me where ever else I go or leave, but today she didn't. At the time i didnt think anything of it, and waited for her to come waltzing into my room, but she didn't. so my curiousity got a hold of me, and i see her standing by the fridge with an intent look. I thought she was wanting her milk (yes shes spoiled), and went back into my room, when she didnt start meowing, i began to wonder, this time when i looked she was next to the garbage can, and then i saw it. I don't know if it was a yellow jacket, or a wasp, but she was batting at it, and followed it around the kitchen, and wouldn't come to me when i called her. Finally i had to pick her up and lock her in my room to get rid of the intruder, is there any possible side effects if she got stung?
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it'll hurt her same as if it stung you or I but she'll be ok. the only thing to worry about is if shes allergic or it stung her mouth/throat.

just keep and eye on her.
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*sighs* okay....well thats good news....
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i rang my emergency vet when Maverick ate a wasp. she was quite a small kitten then too.

he said jst keep and eye on her and she was ok after a couple of hours.
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Ugh, my worst nightmare. I know that if a bee or wasp ever gets in, both Buffy and Willow will give chase, but Buffy will be the one to pull it down and play with it. Poor baby would definitely get stung then, because she loves to just place her paw over the insect and she loooooooves to just hold it in her mouth, drop it out, put it back in her mouth, drop it, then eat it. No way she wouldn't get stung, lol. I probably wouldn't be much help, what with the fact that I would be shrieking and running for the nearest room and then slamming the door shut, lol

Moths, I can handle. It's impossible to get them out, but I try. If they just refuse to go out the front door, I'll let Buffy and Willow chase them. If the moth is discovered under a lamp shade as I'm turning out the lights (they always divebomb for my face! Why is that? Is it 'cause I'm so pale?? lol), then I won't give them a chance and will just set the cats loose. I'm so mean... lol
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lol, yea i wasnt to fond on the fact that i had to get my hand in between them, then get the yellow jacket out of the house.....it wasnt my idea of fun. My boyfriend who has had a pet since he was born said that i should have let her get stung so she would learn......sometimes hes so mean.
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My big dobe cross dog got stung on the nose once and I only found out when his nose grew to 3 times its size..I got him to the vet and he gave him a cortisone? shot..And he was alright after that..But it was the funniest thing I have ever seen...
He didn't seem uncomfortable either...But he must have been allergic..
So, look for any signs of swelling and get him to the vet asap if you see that happening..
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