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Looking for advice

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Help! I need to find homes for nine kittens, and I'm not sure the best way to go about it. We can't afford to feed and house them very much longer and I want to make sure they go to good and loving homes. I'm in Lake Charles, Louisiana and unfortunately we don't have even a no-kill shelter I could take them to, as a last resort, and I refuse to take them to animal services. They are (mostly) litter trained, and wonderfully friendly. What is the best way to find good homes for them? It will be two weeks before they're even remotely ready to leave their mommies but I want to have a good solid plan for begining to place them. Please, any advice at all would be very welcome!
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You might try posting them on Petfinders, a site that posts pics of pets available for adoption.
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Although my page is mainly geared towards people looking to rehome pets in Virginia....there is a really good PDF called "How to find homes for homeless pets" that you can find on that page as well as some other recommendations.


Also...make sure you charge a fee for these kittens...this article warns about giving kittens/cats away for free:

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No advice for you, just wanting to say good luck and I hope you find loving wonderful homes for them.
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Same here. I wish I could help! Best vibes and best luck coming to you~~!
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make sure you charge a fee, put up ads and fliers, post a classified on petfinder.com (it is free).

If you cant afford to get them spayed or neutered (and it is very important that it gets done), either get it done and charge that amount for the adoption fee. Or, when you get people calling about the kittens, tell them if they want the kittens they must agree to have them fixed, have them sign a contract with you, and immediately set up a time with the vet that is good for the new owner as well. That way, when the time comes, you can be sure they take the cat in. Keep their name and phone number on hand to remind them about the vet appointment and to follow up in a few weeks after the surgery to make sure the cats are doing okay. Also make sure they keep the kittens indoors where they should be at least until they are fixed, if not at all times.

I also encourage that the people bring the cats back to me if for whatever reason they cannot keep the cat anymore. Because who knows what they will do to it when the are "finished". Not to assume anything, but you never know.

Good luck and make sure that you have the mothers fixed asap! They can get pregnant again shortly aftet the birth of their kittens. The kittens can be altered at 12 weeks or 2 lbs but some vets will not do it until 6 months. But technically they can get pregnant long before that so be sure they stay in.
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