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Dropping by to say HELLO!

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Hello everyone!!! It's been two months already since I've been around and since the doc put me on bedrest for my HBP during this pregnancy! Well, the good news is that my BP went down a while ago, though I am still chillin' at home and without internet connections! But I think of you guys a lot and hope things are well with everyone!! Especially my pregnant sisters out there!! I am two weeks away from my due date and I can't tell you all how excited my hubby and I are getting. We actually are looking for an early delivery, but since most first babies are late, we will probably also be. My plans for natural childbirth are coming together quite nicely. Though our first will be in a hospital, I thoroughly look forward to a water birth in the future. My friend had her 3rd last night in water at home and she loved it!! Plus she only had a 3 hour labor. She gave birth to a 10lb 4oz boy -- without meds or even a tear!!! I'm so excited to see my baby as I bet Anne and SPikeadelika are as well! My Christmas shopping is done, and I've even sent my secret santa gift off to one of you... so beware of the unknown return address.... it is not Anthrax!!! he he...

Well I must be off! Until next time, hopefully not another 2 months, but hopefully soon! Any suggestions for cheap yet, reliable internet service?? I have been looking all over!

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hey there, for cheap internet service go to http://www.juno.com If you pick the basic its FREE, and if you choose the Plus one its only about $12.00 per month. I don't have it, I use earthlink, but I have a friend who uses it and has no problems.
Good luck w/ the baby!!
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Holy cow that's an enormous baby your friend had!

You probably won't see this for awhile, if you don't have a hook up at home, but I'm glad you checked in. I've wondering if you had the baby yet. Hope you get an internet connection soon!
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How exciting for you! Maybe a Christmas baby? My birthday is the 10th, and my sons is the 26th...almost had a Christmas baby, but he held out til 9:30 a.m the next day...brat! :LOL:

I use Juno, and it works well for me, I also use Excite, not sue just how much they provide though.

Again, keep resting, and have a joyous delivery!
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Hey there Vlinder! I was wondering what happened to you! You sound really good! Well, I know it's tough to find the ISP's but I hope that the little bit that we come up with will help

Have a wonderful delivery and a holiday season!!!

Just a few:

NetZero.net (1/2 price of AOL)

I found these on About.com so, I'm sure if you go there again, they'll have an updated list

Take care & have a wonderful delivery and holiday season

Love & Peace,
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It is nice to see your face around here again.
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Hi!!!!! I have missed you!!!! I can't wait to hear that you have had your baby!!! I am glad you popped in to say hello and let us all know how you are doing!
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