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I met Michael Rosenbaum last night (Lex Luthor from Smallville)

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Okay, so I went to a bar here in Evansville last night to celebrate a girl from work's birthday. We were sitting at a booth, minding our own business, when all of a sudden this guy comes up to me and says, "Michael Rosenbaum is in this bar right now, and he wants to meet you." So I start looking around, and I'm like, "who is Micheal Rosenbaum?" and then they explained that he is Lex Luthor on Smallville, and he has been in several movies and stuff. I had just seen him on Cribs on MTV that day so it was pretty crazy! He lived in the area and comes back every once in a while, but this time he was in town for an annual wiffle-ball tournament with his high school buddies, (the tournament is tonight and they asked me to come )

I looked behind me and he was sitting at a table with several people and was looking at me...I agreed to go over there, but not alone, so I dragged a girl from work over there with me.

He was nice, but had a sense of arrogance to him--but I guess you can expect that, sadly, from a celebrity. I think he expected me to swoon over him or something because of his "status", but I kept my cool and treated him like any other normal person. It was totally unlike I would expect, too, because I am always soooo star-struck with celebrities (not that I ever see any, but i imagine that I would act silly anyways). It was a bit awkward after a while, so I excused myself and rejoined my table. Again in about 30 minutes they asked me to come back to the table, so I sat over there again for about 10 minutes and excused myself again because it was boring. They were drinking alot, and one of his little groupy-guy friends kept hitting on me like crazy and trying to play with my hair and stuff, so I left.

Later on, we started to leave, and I tried to sneak out without them seeing me, but Micheal freaking caught me and tried to get me to take a shot with him and all his friends and stick around...I drank the shot (Jagermeister ) , shook his hand, thanked him again, and walked out. I wasn't rude or mean or anything, but I definitely acted in a way that told him that I wasn't interested because it was TOTALLY obvious that he was looking for someone to hook up with!

Sorry this was so long, but it was a crazy, exciting night. I just looked up his website,, and he has actually been in more movies then I expected, and ones that I've actually seen and liked!!!

Anyone heard of the guy?
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he was in a program i really liked 'zoe,duncan,jack and jane'. did he still have a bald head?
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he wasn't bald, it was just really, really short...
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Yep, we watch smallville. Thanks for the post - I always wondered what it would be like to meet a "celebrity".
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I've never seen Smallville, although I have seen this guy on a talk show or something. He's kind of cute. Not my type, but still kind of cute. I think it's very flattering that he seemed to be interested in you. I will say, that not all celebrities are "stuck on themselves". Some can be pompass, but some are just regular down to earth people.
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I have no idea who he is. I don't watch Smallville - but I don't watch much TV. But he sounded like a pompous ass anyway, and you handled it in a very classy way. Good for you!

Celebrities are only human - I don't put them on pedestals.

Just a couple of months ago, I briefly dated a guy who's a well-known writer and I had the same issue. He had an arrogance about him that I couldn't stand, and when, on our last date, he observed what I was eating with a disapproving look, I knew it would be our last date. He e-mailed me, I e-mailed back with a curt and frosty response, and haven't heard from him in over a month!
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That must have been exciting, Lacey, but I'm more excited for you in keeping your level head about you. Jerks are jerks whether in Hollywood or your hometown. Glad you saw past the stars he thought you'd have in your eyes
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thanks everyone!!! He was pretty forward, which also made me uncomfortable because I'm old-fashioned when it comes to dating and romance, and I like when guys are gentlemen. He totally was legs were crossed, and my pants were up a little, exposing my leg and he reaches down while he asked if I shaved today and rubbed my leg and said, "that's sexy". YUCK!!! What the heck!
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He probably would have acted the same way, whether or not he had been a celebrity. However, perhaps because he was a celebritrity, he felt he could get away with a bit more than Joe Schmoe from down the street.
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Yup the serie "smallville" is on air only saturdays and he´s a good actor...
Did you enjoy the time? ......I can see it!
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Yeah I know who he is! I can see him as being the jerky type too. I can't believe he was so forward with you. SHEESH! I hate it when guys are like that as well, and you definitely handled this very nicely!!!
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Celebrities are only human - I don't put them on pedestals.
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This is exactly why I don't want to meet anyone famous. I deal with enough arrogrant men as it is without adding that into the equation.

Plus is ruins the fact that he's totally hot and makes him yucky
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Sounds like he behaved exactly as I saw him when his Mom remarried back in 2002. A pompous jerk.

My sis helped his mom arrange her wedding. Mom and I worked on the flowers. We unloaded the box of boutonierres and corsages and he grabbed a corsage and pinned it on!

Oh, he lived in my neighborhood when he was younger. Didn't know it then, and don't really care!
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Ugh. The man is very hot, but what a slimeball! I hate it when guys act like that and it makes it even worse when they are actually attractive, I think- what a waste! I had no idea he was from Indiana.
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I didn't realize he was in Sorority Boys. That movie was kinda cute, in a stupid way
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Hey, I loved Sorority Boys!! He wasnt hot in that movie; but he is so hot in Smallville. Too bad he was such an ass. Big whoop, so what your a star! Get over it!
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Now I've had some time to think...and I wish I woulda asked him if he needed someone to clean his house or watch his pets for him!!! haha!!!
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Originally Posted by LaceyDF
Now I've had some time to think...and I wish I woulda asked him if he needed someone to clean his house or watch his pets for him!!! haha!!!
imagine how he would have treated you if you worked for him though?

well at least you could due him for sexual harrasement then!
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yea, good point...If he treated me bad I would take his animals away from him (if he had any) and sell all of his stuff on Ebay...haha!!!
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I have to admit, I've seen Sorority Boys twice! Ok, it's out It's a very funny movie, like Roadtrip was funny, but pretty goofy at the same time.
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