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Tree or no Tree?

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I don't know whether to put up our Christmas tree this year.
( We are not religious, we are spiritual, but hubby and I love the ornamental decorations of Christmas)

Ever since Dani came here... she has been bombarded with drugs (for her infections), ear surgery, and last week my hubby was home for Thanksgiving week, and it totally threw her off. She was a scared little kitty....

She needs stability, and to learn that nothing bad will happen when we go about our daily routine. But she scares easily. For instance, yesterday I pulled a spare light out of the closet. It scared her.

Anything out of ordinary routine scares her. She needs more time here with us to learn that not everything is scary

Now I have a dilema. Should we set up our tree this year? Certainly, it is an imposing big giant thing in our living room, which she will either have two reactions to.
1) she will run scared silly under the bed, and forever be wary of it, on edge, all the time we have it up.
2) She will be afraid first, then curious, then get used to it.

Anyway, I don't know whether to attempt upsetting the delicate balance of her security.

Anyone have any advice as to whether we put up the tree?

I have no idea what her reaction will be, but I am afraid to take the chance this year. I think she needs more time to adjust to us, and it won't kill us not to put it up. My hubby thinks she will get used to it. I don't know. I also don't know if I want to take the chance.

Any advice would be appreciated...thanks.
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I'm sure she'll get used to it. My kitty Kiri is a very fearful girl too, she had a real rough start in life. She adjusts pretty quickly to new things, I'm sure Danielle will too :rainbow:
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Well, this is my opinion: I would think that you can't revolve everything around her. You need to do things like you normally would, and she will adjust. I am no expert by any means, but its the same when you have kids. You just need to teach them, but not completely alter your life. I am sure she would adjust to it, once she realizes its not dangerous or won't hurt her.
Besides, she probably will like all the lights and ornaments ( although she may topple it like my little guy Simon did ).:tounge2:
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I have 2 cats that were feral when I got them. though they have made enormous amounts of progress, they still jump at loud noises and run away if we walk towards them somewhat quickly. I don't alter my behavior, because they need to used to how I live.

We put up the tree on sunday. One of them was right in the middle of everything, sniffing at everything that came out of a box, investigating the tree. The other one was customarily absent. I've since seen them hanging out in the room with the tree, and they haven't acted strangly at all. They have a natural curiousity for sure, but don't seem upset. Granted they aren't on medications, and haven't been traumatized in that way, but they have had a long road in terms of trust. They weren't socialized before I got them (at 16 weeks) and I've had to earn their trust. Initially, if I moved a muscle they would vault under the bed and hide for hours. They are just now getting to the point where they will approach me standing up and rub against my legs, and they still scamper (but at least they aren't running) away when I take a step.

I would say put up your tree. Once she realized that it's not going to hurt her, I think she will be fine. In light of the year you and your husband have had, you could use a little holiday cheer.
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If you don't want to disrupt the kitty too much, I say get a little tree. One that may even fit on a table. This way you could have the decoration of a tree and not freak the cat out too much. The cat may not be as nervous of a small tree as she would be of a huge one. Just a thought.
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Thanks guys....

AAh I suppose we will do it..don't know yet....

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