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Need Advice Please

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Hi, I would greatly appreciate some advice.
I have a persian cat, 12 yrs. old Aslyn, he is a lovely house pet. He has never had a problem with fleas. In the past 6 months he has developed , what appears as though just itching, then a small area appears like a small spot from scratching. I have brought him to a local vet. which states oh something must have bitten the cat, and a hot spot is caused, then he give the cat an injection, and he states that no other medicine is necessary for this,. The cat does stope scratching for about 1 1/2 months then the scratching starts all over again. Then we bring him back to the vet over and over and it appears to me that some kind of oral medication could be given for this problem. My cat looks and scts healthy, he never goes outdoors. He eats drinks and sleeps. He grooms himself and I also brush and comb him. There is nothing in my household that is new or different. My husband is retired and also on a fexed budget, and we do love our cat, , but I am frustratedthat the Vet will not suggest anything else for this scratching over and over again. Up to 2 years ago, I brought Aslyn to a Cat Clinic, this Vet moved out of town, so I tried 2 other Vets, and the results are still the same.
I would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions.
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If the spots spread has the cat been tested for ringworm? That's my first thought when reading this. Other than that try this link

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