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Hi everyone,
My name's Ana, and my cat's are Misdemeanor (Missy), Fenelope (Fen) and Missy's three seven week old kittens, Kohaku, Kogome, & Chihiro. We live in Yukon Canada. I'm not sure how old Missy is, I found her eating my garbage and took her in. Fen is going to be a year on the 28th. I won't be keeping the kittens, though I may keep Chihiro if she ends up needing longterm care. She has something wrong with her, in that she holds her head at a tilt and doesn't have very good balance, she's going to the vet on monday. I'm hoping it's just an ear infection and not something untreatable. Wish her good health! Anyways, here are some pictures of Missy and Fen, I don't have any of the kittens online.

This is Missy

Here's Fen in a tree
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You have anime cats!

We have an anime cat too, Vash
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Welcome to TCS ! Nice to meed you and your fur-family, and thank you so much for taking a needy kitty in!
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Welcome Ana! Keep us posted on Chihiro, hopefully she is ok!
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Hi & welcome to TCS!
awwwww what a nicely pics!!
see you on the forums!
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Hi and Welcome, cute cats
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Hi welcome to the site, your kitties are adorable.
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Hope the baby is fine keep us posted Your furrys are adorable. Welcome! I am donna proudly owned by 3 incredible furrys
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Hello and welcome!!!
Your babies are beautiful!

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Thanks everyone!
I'll be sure to let you know about Chihiro. She's doing a lot better now, almost back to normal except for the tilted head. Maybe she's just extra curious, lol Poor baby will be at the vet's by herself all day tomorrow. It sucks not having my own vehicle, oh well. Here's another picture of Missy and Fen, it's a couple months old, though. I'll see if I can borrow my sister's digital cam tonight.

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Hi and welcome
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Welcome to TCS, enjoy the great people and help, sweet babies you have there
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Hi, Ana, Sierra and I welcome you, ,Missy, Fen, and Missy's babies to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!

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Thanks for the welcomes! Well Chihiro went to the vet today, and she's all good. Perfectly healthy, no infection, no polyp. The vet said the tilt and loss of balance was probably due to trauma and that she'll be back to normal in a couple weeks. And everyone at the vet gave her lots of loves and spoiled her all day. When the vet phoned me at work, she said Chihiro was hanging out in a nurses pocket, and when I picked her up she was all wrapped up in a towel being carried around. Everyone in the back went "awwww!" when the receptionist went to get her for me. She's doing great now, almost no tilt and her balance is fine.
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Welcome to TCS!
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