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Originally Posted by Kathryn41
Absolutely, and yes, I have had past life regression done, have attended workshops on reincarnation and past life recall, and over the years have gained a lot of information from a variety of sources about some of my past lives.

Don't worry if you were someone 'dull and boring' - the chances are that most of your past lives were pretty dull and boring. Afterall, not everyone can be Cleopatra or Joan of Arc or Abraham Lincoln:-).

Dreams are a good way to start accessing past life information. We choose or 'set up' each of the lives we have before we are born so that they help us gain experiences of what it is like to live in a world where we have to make choices and experience the consequences of those choices. We chose which type of 'personality traits' we will have, and arrange for the right parents to gain certain physical or genetic traits that will help us achieve that life's goal. Sometimes we have unfinished business that we chose to carry over into this life from another life, and sometimes we have done something that caused harm to another person and we want to make restitution to them in this life, so we try to 'schedule' our next lives at the same time as they have their next lives.

For many people, remembering past lives can feel scary and overwhelming, and may in fact hinder that person's ability to experience the consequences of the choices they make this time around, so most people chose to 'forget' the past when they are born. Others find that they can draw upon the lessons faced before to help them make different or better choices this time around, and so will gain glimpses of some past lives that are relevant to this life's experiences.

So, have fun with your regression and don't feel too concerned about what you learn: if it is something cool, great - and if it is something less than savory, just remember, that was then and this is now. You might have been that individual in the past, but you are someone totally 'new' this time around.

wow?!!!! we really get to choose all this, see this is really strange, though i am so intrested in all this kind of stuff, what you said is very intresting
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Hey Mav, great thread....we had a related one a little while back, here it is. If only that you might find it so very interesting to read everyone's stories.

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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
what did they say to you?
Well, where to start ... LOL The one thing that has nagged at me all of my life is that I am horribly frightened of "big water" like oceans. My family spent summers at the beach and my husband is also a big beach kind of guy as well, but I just get a major case of the heebie-jeebies every time I think about going near or into the ocean.

During my past life regression, I learned that I was a passenger on the Titanic. Guess that explains that, huh?

That was just one of the things I learned ... there were many, many more. Apparently, I am a very "old soul".

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