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past life regression

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who here belives in past lives? have you/ would you go for regression?

have seriously been thinking about going. sounds interesting.
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I do, haven't had a regression, but I it'd it'd be cool to go and find out.
Myself and most everyone that knows me is convinced I was some loud mouthed drunken Irish barroom brawler in my most recent past.
I do have a loud mouth and I am pretty crass in the privacy of my own home and in the company of those who know me well
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if you lived closer we could go together!
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I do .. I have a book on how to figure out what you were... Its cool but I havent gone through the whole book yet.. Its long! haha I think i was a southern belle named annabelle who drowned... I had a dream one night out of the blue about it without the drowning part... lol I just have a fear of drowning.. :-o and i love to wear corsets.. call me weird! haha
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Absolutely. I believe in past lives and think I've experienced bits and pieces of one past life in particular in some of my past dreams! Very intriguing stuff and fodder for some interesting discussion, at any rate.

How about spirits? I'm a big believer in those as well. I think those who are skeptical tend to block belief in the possibilities of otherworldly entities because it's such an imcomprehensible subject. And pretty creepy at that. Personally, I just "feel" it around me.
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I believe that when we die, our body particles get into the soil, and when plants eat the nutriends in the soil, we are passed through there, and then rabbits eat the grass, and people eat the rabbits, or are born into baby rabbits ect, and then a lady who ate a rabbit has a baby, and we are a part of that baby. Us with about a bajillion other people. Sometimes more of a person goes into a baby then normal, and thats when we get people who regress easily. So basically everyoen ahs like the particles of not only their past ancesotrs, but millions upon millions of strangers in their body, that have combined to make the concienceness that we have right now. O_O Odd theory but I stick to it.
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
who here belives in past lives? have you/ would you go for regression?

have seriously been thinking about going. sounds interesting.
If it wasn't really expensive, I would!
I think I was a soldier in another life.
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I'd do it too. Could be interesting!
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I don't know about regression.

You mean recarnation?
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Count me in as a believer ... I had a regression done many, many years ago and it was quite informative. If you can afford it, you should do it. My reading provided many answers to questions I have had for a long time.

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Check this book out...

Only Love Is Real : A Story of Soulmates Reunited

Great book, especially if you are a believer!
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How does one go about doing regression? I would love too!
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Regression is...
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oh Nicky absolutely! To both questions There is absolutely no doubtr in my mind whatsoever. Let's face it, the way I look at it is.... energy cannot be created or destroyed. Seeing as all living things are made of the stuff... what happens to the energy when we die? It's transmuted. Into what? Well I guess that's to find out I've been seriously considering doing a regression, but I can never afford to have one done. I'm convinced I was Danish or Swedish before this life.... I feel incredibly drawn to scandinavia - I always have been and for some strange reason, I feel so overwhelmingly at home when I'm out there. I'm also convinced that I met my current partner (who is Danish) in a previous existence. On our first meeting, we both knew an awful lot about each other... and ther really is some sort of connection that I feel goes a lot deeper than just attraction. I feel like I've known him forever, not just for the last four years. It's strange... some people would dismiss that as simply being in love with a person... but I know what it feels like to love... this runs deeper than that. I can't explain.... but that's the way I feel. So yes... I'd believe without question! If you do go for this regression, you'll have to let me know how it goes! And who you were before!! Judging from that avatar, I'd say you were either a dog who loved to scare cats... or just a scared cat!! Or possibly even a cat on nip.
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Oh, definitely! Hubby had somebody at work ask him one day if he believed in reincarnation, and he said absolutely, when asked why, he said: "It's the worst possible thing I can think of so it's probably true." He's really not such a defeatist, but such an answer does tend to stop people in their tracks.

I used to have "other life" dreams when I was much younger; the frequency of them has gone waaaaaay down as I've gotten older. I figure that this life's experiences sort of get in the way.
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Originally Posted by gayef
Count me in as a believer ... I had a regression done many, many years ago and it was quite informative. If you can afford it, you should do it. My reading provided many answers to questions I have had for a long time.

what did they say to you?

i've found a woman who does it for £50 a session. going to go after my exams i think.
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I'm a definite believer in reincarnation, but don't know whether I'd want to do a regression. What if I found out some really horrible stuff about one or more lives?
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I absolutely believe in past lives. I haven't had a regression as such, but I have had some very strange de ja vu situations that lead me to believe I was alive during the turn of the Century, like in the late 1900's as a child and the Roaring 20's as an adult. I even have childhood memories of things that couldn't possibly have happened in my lifetime as the ME that I am, now.
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spoken to a lady who does regressions and am going to book an appointment soon! i'm a bit scared...
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I absolutely believe in them! A good friend of my mom's does them and once did it for my mom (a long while back). Mom has told me about it before and it's just SO fascinating. She got the name and location of one of the people she supposedly was in a past life and decided to look the person up. This person lived in some random midwestern town (which my mom knows nothing about) and there was actually record of her being alive! I think it's just amazing. I would love to have it done myself, but my mom's friend lives in Pennsylvania so it's a bit faraway.

Don't be nervous about it! You'll have such an interesting time and you'll HAVE to share your experience with us (when you're ready)!
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did your mum contact the person? i wold have been very tempted too but wouldnt have wanted to look like a kook.

they give you a cd recording of your session so i'll email it to anyone interested. (unless i say something really weird!)
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Well of course the person that she had been had been dead for quite a while, but she didn't look up any of that persons ancestors. She just wanted to check and see if the person she was saying she was in her regressions had been an actual person in the circumstances she had talked about. That would be the part that would freak me out the most -- actually looking up birth/death records and seeing that what you said during the regression had actual factual information!
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i believe in it, things like that really intrest me.

i was talking to my friend the other day about this, her dad does it, and she got taken back and found out that she was a young mum in the war, and she died because her house was on fire, and she was trying to rescue her baby which was trapped in the house.
Also, her dad told her that once you have found your 'soul mate', that you stay with them forever, that you will come back together, if not together, then you will find each other in the next life,, which i thoguh was very intresting.
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the thing that sparked this whole past life regression obsession of mine was a re-occurring dream i had that i worked at a fairground.

in my dream i had a twin sister and she worked on the carousels and i worked in a tent telling fortunes and reading cards.

when i researched fairgrounds and fortune tellers there were many details in the dream that i couldnt have ordinarily known such as the meaning of the coloured headscarf i wore or the details of the carousel.

that would be an interesting past life to have had. i can read tarot cards now and am learning palmistry so maybe.... or maybe its all wishfull thinking and make believe?
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What interesting dreams!! Well make that appointment and let me know when you've had it because I'll totally want to hear it! That would be so cool if in your regression you find out you were actually a carnival worker in your past!
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yeah knowing my luck i would have been somone as boring and non-descript as i am in this life! lol

my parents are sure i was a cat. when i was born i couldnt cry, only mew like a kitten.

i'm definitly coming back as a cat in a well loved home in my next life
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oh yea, also, he said that the reason our soul's come back is that we still have things to learn.

So basically, if you still have things to learn about, you will come back
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Originally Posted by cazx01
oh yea, also, he said that the reason our soul's come back is that we still have things to learn.

So basically, if you still have things to learn about, you will come back
what happends once we've learnt them?

do you think animals get re-encarnated too?
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Hmmm... you know I haven't thought seriously about it, but I suppose it's possible... all our life energy has to go somewhere and I definitely albeit vaguely believe in some kind of post-life energy which is what I'm more interested in (I had a psychic reading a few months ago where they knew the oddest things that they could'nt have possibly picked up from our conversation, but it could've been that they were reading my mind although they said they were talking to my deceased parents. It was an online reading but I've read their diaries of on-site readings that seemed proof positive that some people remain on earth in spirit/energy form)... sorry, I went off topic!

I'm not sure who I was, if I was... all I know is that I'm terribly fascinated by the past, especially with what life was like around the 1600-1700's. Maybe I was a princess in a catsle back then! ( yup, I meant catsle!)
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Absolutely, and yes, I have had past life regression done, have attended workshops on reincarnation and past life recall, and over the years have gained a lot of information from a variety of sources about some of my past lives.

Don't worry if you were someone 'dull and boring' - the chances are that most of your past lives were pretty dull and boring. Afterall, not everyone can be Cleopatra or Joan of Arc or Abraham Lincoln:-).

Dreams are a good way to start accessing past life information. We choose or 'set up' each of the lives we have before we are born so that they help us gain experiences of what it is like to live in a world where we have to make choices and experience the consequences of those choices. We chose which type of 'personality traits' we will have, and arrange for the right parents to gain certain physical or genetic traits that will help us achieve that life's goal. Sometimes we have unfinished business that we chose to carry over into this life from another life, and sometimes we have done something that caused harm to another person and we want to make restitution to them in this life, so we try to 'schedule' our next lives at the same time as they have their next lives.

For many people, remembering past lives can feel scary and overwhelming, and may in fact hinder that person's ability to experience the consequences of the choices they make this time around, so most people chose to 'forget' the past when they are born. Others find that they can draw upon the lessons faced before to help them make different or better choices this time around, and so will gain glimpses of some past lives that are relevant to this life's experiences.

So, have fun with your regression and don't feel too concerned about what you learn: if it is something cool, great - and if it is something less than savory, just remember, that was then and this is now. You might have been that individual in the past, but you are someone totally 'new' this time around.

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