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I might be getting a kitty!!!

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As some of you know, I have HORRIBLE cat allergies. Well, I recently started working at the local animal shelter, and quickly (this was my second day) succumbed to the charm of a DLH brown and white tabby kitten named Chance. He just laid in my arms all day (I was pretty useless around the shelter) while I drooled. It became kind of a joke...
The theory is that since he is so small, I'm not toooo allergic.
Anyway, my good friend is the director there, and she's letting me take him home for the weekend. And maybe next weekend. Maybe forever. Sigh.
Anyway, here's the thing. If I DO keep him, what do I need? I've never had a cat. He's about 10-12 weeks old.
What is the best way to get him acclimated to my house? Do I let him have full run of it? Just one room? My only other pets are caged (chinchillas) and I know to keep him away from those.
Also, for those of you with allergies, how do you deal? I will take any and all suggestions.
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Bubbles that is wonderful news! I will keep my fingers crossed that you don't have a flare up with your allergies. I used to have a problem with my eyes running and getting all red and itchy. I don't have trouble with my 2. If I leave for a week or so and come back my eyes do itch, but after a day or 2 they are back to normal.

You may you want to post this in the behavior forum. We have a lot of very knowledge people here and some never come into the lounge.
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Bubbles, the cat I had when I had about 10, Mitzi (rest her soul she must be in kitty heaven by now; we gave her to another family with a big yard when we moved into an apartment), used to give me the sniffles, but allergies must go in cycles because *touch wood* no problems with Sophie. I'm by no means an expert, but you might want to try wiping him down once a day with a damp cloth and, if he's young enough, get into the habit of giving him regular wet baths. (Easy for me to say; I have yet to be brave enough to try getting Sophie into a basin of soapy water!)

I've got all my fingers crossed for you!
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When my first cat adopted me I had allergies, too. I sneezed and sniffled for a short while and it gradually stopped. My doc said it happens like that sometimes. I hope you can tolerate having a kitty, 'cause there is nothing like it!
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Krazy Kat Hiya!

You can take anti-histamines, or get allergy shots. I get allergy shots for dust and mold, and they work. I know you can do it for cats too...

Hope that helps.

Also, get a vacuum with a hepa filter. This traps the cat dander and does not push it out into the air like a traditonal vacuum.
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. . . And one of those air purifiers with a hepa filter. Also it's a good idea to keep the kitty out of your bedroom. That way you have a "safe" room if you need to get away and you get a break at night. Even tho' I personally love it when my babies sleep in our bed . . .
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Hi ya Bubbles :pinky::bubbly:

I too was terribly allergic to kitties when I was a little kid. Anyway, I didn't care and no matter what I did, I kept close to them, cause my family was more "dog" oriented people. Which is fine, but I have always been a feline addict.

I do believe that you'll get through this, just keep the Faith Sweetie! Good luck and keep us posted, will you?

Love & Peace,
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That is such good news. Ditto on the allergy thing with me when younger too. It will get better. My own kits do not seem to bother me at all! Good thing as there are currently 9 count them 9 in here
I know that God will bless your efforts here in taking in this poor little one.

My niece has a kit named Chance as well! How cool is that?
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Just wanted to chime in and wish you the best of luck with your potential new kitty!

I hope all goes well for you.
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Ok, so I'm weak.
It might actually be TWO kitties. I think I'm taking his brother home too. And I have a feeling they won't be going back.
This is so ridiculous on my part! I have allergies. I can't logically justify cats. My apartment says no (I'll be moving to a pets-ok apartment in June, but still). Have you ever had one of those relationships where all the signs say "RUN AWAY!" but you just can't?
I feel like Elmer Fudd when he realizes he's fallen for another gag and he turns into a big sucker. :laughing: That would be me.
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I think you are not alone and we have all been there at one time or another and some of us more than once.

How wonderful CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!
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2 kities..... 2 kitties - what a great idea!
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I agree, go suckers i say

Good luck with the alergies too, my husband was always allergic too, and we got our kitty anyway, at first we kept her out of the bedroom, and he made sure he washed his hands all the time, he still sometimes gets itchy eyes, but generally it is good! So there is hope

She also now sleeps on the bed and rides around like a parrot on his shoulder

I really wish you all the best with your new kittes...and at this rate you are going to have seven by the time you have done a full week,

Chee & Breeze
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I am home with my boys. FINALLY. After stops at the vet, Wal-mart, and the shelter (again).
So. Their names are Cyprio (shorthaired) and Sebastian Tickle (longhaired). They are in a cage in my kitchen (only until they are acclimated).
Sebastian has worms, and was given a pill at the vets, which he has since thrown up. Neither of them has eaten, and both are dehydrated. What do I do??? I can't MAKE them drink, can I? I'm sure they'll eat as they calm down too. Seb is so thin though, I'm worried. I know his condition is treatable, but I don't know how long he can hang on (since I don't know how long he's been this way).
Give advice! I also posted in the Health section.
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Bubbles - it is NOT unusual for a cat not to eat or want to drink when they have had such a hard day and as manh changes as your boys have had. Give them canned catfood and cover the condo to that they feel safe. The throwing up may have also been from the ride in the car - it will be OK - just take is slow and easy!.
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Seb is even MORE lethargic this morning. He will pretty much stay in any position I put him in. He purrs the whole time though. He is such a lover, I really don't want to lose him. I'm giving them both Pedialyte for the dehydration, as suggested in the health forum. They will go to the vet on Monday! I wish it weren't the weekend! I would make it an emergency visit, but they were just there last night, and I think they really just need to calm down for now.
Oddly, the only thing that makes Seb interested at all is moving water. He will hang his head off the bed into the water dish for hours. Occasionally he will put his nose in, and lick it. Do you think this is because he knows he needs it so badly? It is very strange, but cute.
I can't get either of them to eat yet though, and although I know that is normal, Seb is so thin I'm worried.
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Is it possible for you to call the vet clinic on the phone and talk to a vet about your concerns? Pedialyte is good for dehydration, also, did the vet give the kittens fluids under their skin to rehydrate them? I really think a phone call to find out what the vet wants you to do for the kittens is the best thing right now. It's possible the vet will want to see them again before Monday.
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No advice, I'm afraid, just sympathy.

It's so hard when our animals aren't feeling well. They can't tell us what would help!

When I had a cat with kidney trouble, the vet told me, if she wasn't interested in eating cat food, to get a good quality, even organic, baby food. It's got more water in it and it's very soft and easy to chew and digest. This was after she started turning up her nose at canned kitten food. Did you try the kitten glop at the top of the Health & Nutrition forum? There's another thread over there about kitten food with some alternatives in it, and I have bumped a thread about what to feed your cats when you're out of cat food in this thread, called Pet food hints. So don't get discouraged yet, there's still some other options.
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Seb is just this side of comatose. The vet gave intraperitoneal fluids. He says Seb is really really cold, and his metabolism isn't keeping up with heaing him anymore. He says to keep him warm, and if he lives through tonight, he has a chance. He also gave a shot of steroids, and an antibiotic (for a respiratory infection).
Cyp should be ok. He got antibiotics also.
Seb is on the heating pad now. I can tell when he is warm enough cuz he starts to purr. He can't even close his eyes, but he is purring away.
Pray for him.
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Oh Lindsay,
I just said a prayer for Sebastion, and one for Cyprio too, just for good measure

I pray your little Seb will be ok, you have tried so hard, and he deserves a happy, loving, long life with you.

I'll say another prayer for him as I go to sleep tonight, best wishes to you all,
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Seb died tonight at 1:42 am. Thank you all for your help and support. I appreciate it more than I can say.
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Oh, Bubbles, I'm so sorry. You did everything you could. Sebastian was warm and comfortable and loved, and he knew it. His purrs are proof of that.
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OMG! I just saw your latest posts. I am so very sorry about your loss of Seb!! Remember that Seb spent his last hours feeling loved and wanted, and you tried your very best!!!
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Lindsay, please accept my sympathy in the loss of Seb. I was very saddened to hear this news this morning.
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Dear Lindsay:angel2:

I just read this Thread and I'm so sorry...just sick about this. I wish I could hug you

Love & Peace,
Little Sebastion is in Heaven...that is my comfort for this baby.
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Oh bubbles, that is so sad, my heart is full of tears for you right now. The others are right though, the poor little chap was happy and loved and he knew it too.

So very sorry
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Very saddened to hear about Seb. I'm in total agreement with others that you did everything in your power and Seb knew it and appreciated it.

Never easy...

I pray and cry with you and for you.

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This has been really hard for me. It's amazing how fast we fall in love. I've cried on and off all day.
Cyprio is doing fine. A little sneezy, but he's on Zythromax. He should be fine (according to the vet). He ate a little today. I think I'll keep him for a while.
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Bubbles I'm so sorry to hear about Seb but Deb's right. You were an to him; he got to spend his last few hours in a real home of his own, feeling loved and wanted. I remember when my canary Pepi was really sick, he had lived to 10 years old (that's eons in bird years), but had gone blind and I needed to give him medicine twice a day just to keep his body weight up. I used a eyedropper to get the meds down. The day he passed on, Halloween day of last year to be exact, I was devastated. I couldn't even think of getting another pet right away, not until I went to the SPCA "just to look" and fell in love with my little Sophie. This is going to sound strange seeing as how Pepi was a bird and not a kitty, but I think there's a connection between him and Sophie somehow. Like God said to me "this kitty" that day. I'm sure there's a bit of Seb in his brother too:-)

Take Care and Hugs
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Cyp died last night also. He lost the use of his back legs in he evening, and I was figuring it was coming. It doesn't make it much easier though. I think I'm through fostering animals from the shelter.

I had a parakeet named Pepsi for 9 years. I still look for Pepsi look-alikes in shops.
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