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I hope you havent been watching the mail for your c.d....because I just found the package in my b/f's truck yesterday! :

He said he'd mail it last week, maybe longer, because he lives next to the post office, obviously he "forgot"! sheesh!

The package is a little worse for wear, his truck is a mess, but I mailed it (personally) yesterday.

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Heh heh....no probs Cleo!!! I was wondering where it got to!!! ha ha ha ha..... now I can just stay excited for that little bit longer!!
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OMG Cleo you speedy thing!! I only posted that last message thismorning, and now I have the CD!!! Gees girl you were on a mission!! ha ha ha ha ha..... Cool, thanks so much for the music!! and for the "other" pressie!! Darn there goes my diet....what a shame...heh heh heh Thanks Love!!! (you never know, you might get a little somethin' if you send me yer address!!)
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What can I say, I was a bit more than annoyed when I found it in Scotts truck!

Men!!! (just kidding guys, sorta)

Airmail is a wonderful thing! :LOL:
Hope you like the c.d....I know the lil "pressie" will fit
(diet shymiet, its Holiday time)
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OMG CLEO!!!! I listened to that CD last night!! Girl its just SOOOOOO cool!!! I've heard a couple of the songs before but most of them were new to me! - It was great!! It had me head banging, and leaping round the room all over the place!! Way tooo cool!! If you could.......*bats eyelid* would you do me a favour *bats eyelids again* could you give me a list of the artists? Cheers matey!!

That is the best music album I hace and I didn't even buy it!!! Cool!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha...thanks hun! I would say which was my fave, but hec I loved 'em all! :girly2: :girly1:
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Oh and Cleo, I need your address!! (I KNOW it was on the envelope but I was in such a rush to open it I tore it!! Oooops!! )
If you give it to me, I can send you some nice Anthrax ok?!
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Some Anthrax would be lovely...but I must tell you I have been on Cipro for 6 days due to a kidney infection, so I'll just have to pass the Anthrax to someone else since I'm supposedly "protected". :LOL:

The list of songs and artists is on the cd cover, silly girl! (or did ya rip that too?) :laughing:

I'm so glad you like it...I love a few of those songs too...Remind Me is my current fave but a few others are close behind it.

Will pm you my addy later, have to get the girls to the vet...today is the big Spay Day!
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Oooo I hope the baby girls will be ok!! Im sure they will be...

Got your address by the way!! Thanking you kindly ma'am!! Oh and the song names were on the cover (and NO i didn't rip that too!! huh!! ha ha ha) but you sneakily just put "various artists" for the bands themselevs!! (hoping I wouldn't notice eh?!!! ha ha ha ha ha)

Hmmm I guess seeing as the Anthrax won't work.. I'll have to think of something else?!! Hmmmm... beware.....heh heh heh

Let us know how your girls do!! Love ya!
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