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Help with new kitten

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We just brought home a 7 week old kitten yesterday. I know the owner and the kitten was well taken care of and has had a wellness examine, first shots and dewormed. Question is since bringing her home yesterday I have only been able to get her to eat a little bit of baby food, although she was eating wet and dry already at her old home, and she had been throwing up about every 4 hours or so. It is clear. She is drinking water. Any ideas if this is a reaction to her new environment or should I take her to the vet.

Thanks for your suggestions - Kelly
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ring the vet and ask their advice. its better to be neurotic.

you can test for dehydration by pinching the scruff of his neck. from a website: The easiest way to check how hydrated your kitten is, is to grasp the skin firmly but gently between the kitten's shoulder blades, and lift it straight up with a twisting motion as you release it. Kitten skin that is well hydrated pops back within a second or less. The longer it takes the skin to return to its place, the more fluids your kitten needs.
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When did she get her shots, if it was very recently it might be a reaction to that. That's my thought anyway.

I'd call the vet anyway, because the kitten is so young.
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Just a thought, but if you know the owner and she is well taken care of, maybe it would be better to leave her with her mom for another few weeks (even two or three would help) - stress and changes can cause a very young kitten to be ill, and she could have behaviour problems too later through leaving mom so early.
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