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Please pray for Tuxie... it doesn't look like he's going to make it. - Page 4

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Great news! I hope it continues.
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Great news!!!
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Tuxie...your Mommy is so proud of your weight gain. Way to go big boy.
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Tuxie what a wonderful boy you are. Your mummy and daddy are so proud of you. Keep up the good work
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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay, Tuxie!! Way to go! Keep up the good work!
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Originally Posted by LDG
I really can't believe it - Tuxie continues to do just great! His hematocrit was down from 27 to 24 - but that's still such a great number for him. AND - he gained more weight! He's up to 9 pounds 5 ounces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TUXIE GO!!!!!!!!!!!
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I just scanned this thread and it brought tears of joy to me eyes! What a brave wonderful boy you have there!!! I am so happy things are going well - you will have an honourary degree in vet medicine before this is over! ((()))
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Glad to hear it!!!!!! Way to go Tuxie!!!!!

~Jocelyn n Mizz Jasmine~
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Tuxedo's BACK, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's resumed his position as alpha cat - he requires lots of play or the other cats just get no relief (and in the end, no, a house did not solve the problem, lol! Apparently the issue wasn't ever the space - just his personality).

His hematocrit is - ready for this? 32!!

The blood work from about two weeks ago is back (was back, but this is the first time he's been to the vet since then) - and it is ALL NORMAL. His platelets are up, his white blood cell count is up. Doc said - I don't know what happened, but he got his miracle! He added - if we brought Tuxie in today as a new patient, and they did his bloodwork and ran all the normal tests, they would have no idea there was anything wrong - no idea anything had been wrong. His last hematocrit before the anemia struck was 33 - so basically he's back in his own range of normal!

Oh- and he's up to 10 pounds 1 ounce!!!!!!!!!! He's round, his "ruff" is large and fluffy - and what is there to say but he is PINK. His nose is pink, his gums are pink, his pads are pink - and his energy is up in the red zone, lol!

WAY TO GO TUXEDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Aw...that is a wonderful, wonderful to miracle to read about.
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Excellent news Laurie!
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Oh gosh Laurie! I've got tears of joy just from reading this!!!

Go Tuxie!!! What a little fighter you are!! You know, maybe everything he put Gary through as a kitten was just a test to make sure that he had as much resolve and fight as Tuxie does himself. What a special little guy!!
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That's wonderful news, Laurie!! I'm sure all your love for him had a lot to do with it! Way to go Tuxie, you brave boy!!!

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Laurie, what wonderful news! Definate happy dance time!!!
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Laurie - what fantastic news . Tuxedo is certainly a fighter! Gee - the other kitties are going to know he's back to normal now
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What awesome news Laurie!

Yay Tuxie!!!
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That's just the BEST, Laurie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That is joyous news Tuxie.
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AWESOME!!! Just Awesome!! WTG, Tuxie boy! What a terrific little guy you are!. So pleased, Laurie...there really aren't words... but we try, eh?

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woo hooo
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It is wonderful to read some good news this morning! I am so happy for you and Tuxie. May he live long and happy!
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That's wonderful news, Laurie! When I saw there were new posts here, I was almost afraid to look, but I'm glad I did.
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Well - we truly did get our miracle! Apparently this long-acting time release steroid injection (depomedril? Spelling????) is what he needed. We were back every week for a bit there - but then stretched it out to two, last time three - and now four weeks before we need to visit the vet.

Tuxedo is up to 10 pounds 15 ounces!!!!!!!!!! He looks almost a little chubby. But at our last visit (yesterday) to the Doc, he said not to worry about it yet - we'll see where things stand at the end of September.

Tuxedo's hematocrit yesterday was 36!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He obviously feels great. He hunts down and "tortures" Spooky at least once a day. He puts down without any trouble any advances on his alpha-ship by Sheldon. He plays with Ming Loy constantly (although it does get hard to tell if they're playing or fighting sometimes - there's lots of growling on her part, even though she always starts it - but never ears back).

He is leaping and bounding everywhere. He is so full of energy, we have to play with him any free time we've got - and we have to make a point of having time to play with him a minimum of each morning and twice each evening/night. He'll leap three feet in the air to catch a furry mouse.

And though he's pretty much a terror to the other cats, he is the sweetest most loving guy with Gary and I. He is Mr. headbutt. And he used to be able to take about three strokes of pets - now he LOVES being brushed as well, and we can go 15 minutes before he puts his paw out to stop. We've even petted his tummy once or twice before he freaked out with overstimulation.

I just wanted to thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers through his illness. Though they still don't know what the problem is, apparently this steroid is suppressing whatever was causing his bone marrow not to function when prednisone stopped working.

So - thank you for your thoughts and prayers! Our little miracle boy isn't so little anymore! He's aggressive and active - and loving life. It brings our hearts so much joy every time we see him.
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Oh Lorie, I am So SO SO happy. I just saw this pop up and my heart was beating so fast as it loaded, I was hoping for GOOD.
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That is wonderful and shows what love and dedication to finding hte right treatment can do.
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What fantastic news - your dedication to Tuxie is incredible, it's no wonder he's doing so well now
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