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Please pray for Tuxie... it doesn't look like he's going to make it. - Page 2

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Stupendous, Laurie!! That is so good. Keeping your lovely brave boy in my thoughts and prayers -- you guys, too!
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That's so good to hear!!!!!!!!! Tuxie's a fighter! Sending more love and prayers your way for Tuxie's continued improvement!!!
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Oh Laurie, what wonderful news!! Yay Tuxie!! I'll continue to keep you all in my thoughts, and sending strength and healing vibes Tuxie's way!
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That poor boy! He's been through so much! I know he's just got to pull through this! Keeping the get well vibes strong from me and the clan here in Iowa!!!
Comeon boy you can kick this!!!!!!!!!
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Laurie, this is fantastic!You're such a brave, strong boy, Tuxie! You remain in my prayers, and I know you'll feel completely well very soon!
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Wonderful news! I know that 'on fours' position well - Persil adopted it at Christmas when she was so sick, and it is pitiful to see them and not know how to help. But you are doing a great job though it must be incredibly draining. Hope it all continues upwards.
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I just read this. I am so glad that Tuxie is on an upward tend. I can relate to the roller coaster ride being as I had a baby that I nursed back from near death from fatty liver disease. My thoughts and prayers will be with your family and your sweet tuxie!
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Laurie, what wonderful news . Each little step along the way must give your hearts such a lift. I'm keeping your lovely Tuxie and his wonderful humans in my thoughts
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IT LOOKS LIKE BOARD MAGIC WORKED A MIRACLE! The vet is convinced a miracle has taken place, and so are we. I truly belive Tuxie wouldn't have made it without your thoughts and prayers.

And to all of you that have had to battle diseases where kitty needed to eat to survive but wouldn't, you have my deepest respect.

Long story short - we took Tuxie to the vet Thursday morning as per instructions, and while we'd seen a little bit of improvement in his "perkiness" and eating, we did not expect the incredible news. He'd gained a lot of weight - almost three ounces a day - to 7 pounds 13 ounces!!!!!!!!! His hematocrit was an unbelievable 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doc couldn't believe it, and the entire animal hospital was jumping for joy. Everyone was hugging everyone, Gary and I were crying, and everyone was SO PROUD of Tuxie. The vet admitted that he really thought Tuxie's systems were in the process of shutting down, and despite his little uptick Monday morning, he never, never expected anything like this.

The original test for hemobart last year came back negative. Apparently a more sensitive test has been developed in the past year. The results were supposed to be back Thursday, but they weren't. So if there are little beasties chewing up his red blood cells, the doxy's working. If there aren't, we have no idea why the doxy's working, but your prayers, vibes and good will definitely helped pull him through.

He's only come upstairs once, but we're not encouraging it. The less activity he has, the more weight he can gain and the less red blood cells he'll chew up. BUT he has resumed his perch at the top of the cat tree - and today when we were feeding him a bit of shrimp, there was a small piece he seemed he didn't want to eat. Shelly sauntered over and was going to nab it - and Tuxie reached out, blammed him on the head multiple times, quick as lightening. Our fighter boy is fiesty enough to make a stand for what is his.

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Awesome news Laurie!! Tuxie will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers that he can keep this going!!
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Tuxie...you are a brave little furboy. I am so happy that you are feeling better.
I will pray that you keep getting stronger until you are completely healed.
Way To Go Tuxie!
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Oh, Laurie, Tuxie, Gary!! That is awesome -- just awesome!! Keep it up, Tuxie! What splendid news!
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Laurie, I am so thrilled to hear of the upturn...you are such a kind and caring person. Tuxie's just got to be re sponding to that strong, good will in you. We won't let this one get any less than the best and strongest vibes all the way across the country, from Saba & Sasha and me!!
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Keep getting beter Tuxie
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Such good news! Tuxie remains in my thoughts!
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Oh Laurie, I have tears reading this post - its just so utterly marvellous - sweet strong Tuxie, how brave you are and such a fighter

continuing to send lots & lots of vibes your way from across the ocean, you are all still in my thoughts
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i'm sorry to hear this. it's hard to watch a friend suffer. but if he goes, he'll be happy there too.
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Oh Laurie, I'm sooo happy to hear this!! Your post brought tears to my eyes (happy ones of course!). Tuxie sure is a fighter, and with all the board magic and vibes being sent his way, it's no surprise a miracle occured!!

I will continue to send mega vibes your way, and keep you all in my thoughts. Yay Tuxie!!
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Hang on in there, Tuxie.
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Just a real quick update - the vet called yesterday. The PCR (hemobart) test came back - negative! Doc said Tuxie's been tested for every known blood disease/parasite, and of course last year he was tested for leukemia, other cancers that could cause this - everything they can think of. Doc has no idea why the Doxy's working, but it still appears to be. "It's a complete mystery," is how he put it. It must be an unknown parasitic disease though, because the antibiotics are doing something.

Thank you all again and again and again for your good thoughts, prayers and good will for Tuxie. He's still eating - and I've seen him eating on his own now. He's drinking lots of water, and just generally seems a little perkier.

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Glad to hear it, Laurie! Feel better, Tuxie!
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I am so glad that Tuxie is eating & drinking on his own.
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Well, great! Continued prayers and "get well" vibes for sweet Tuxie, and "hang in there" vibes for Mum and Dad.
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Fabulous news Laurie!! Tuxie is definitely a little fighter, especially when he knows he's got Mommy and Daddy behind him too.
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Well, I don't know what to say (other than Thank You all again!). Tuxie gained weight over the week - he's up to 8 pounds again. Still looking real skinny, but not just skin and bones anymore.

The problem is his red blood cell count. It fell from last week's 22 to 18. Doc is real pleased he's still eating and gaining weight - if that keeps up, it's possible for him to live his life at this anemic level IF his bone marrow keeps working the little that it is. Since he's got no known disease, no known parasites, no known nothing, there's really nothing more to do. The "super specialists" have already been consulted, and we've already tried everything they've suggested. From test results (having to do with protein counts, platellete counts, etc.), it appears the only real problem now is that his bone marrow isn't producing red blood cells like it should be. Doc is real disappointed about that (he's not the only one!). He said that right now his bone marrow production should be in "overdrive," and he was really expecting a hematocrit reading of 25 or better. But Tuxie has developed an immunity to the Epogen, so that's not an option to help stimulate red blood cell production. It simply appears to be some sort of genetic problem.

All we can do is hope he keeps eating, and hope his bone marrow keeps working, at least this little bit. Doc says it is possible for him to live indefinitely in this very anemic state, though if the count falls much below 14/15 for any period of time, he doubts he'd be able to survive that. He won't be an active kitty, but he's in no pain, and can enjoy his naps in the sun, pets and brushes when he wants them, and treats (which right now is boiled chicken, boiled shrimp, and babyfood chicken, turkey, beef and lamb). We are not to encourage him playing at all - and though we're not to stress him out by isolating him, we're to do what we can to keep the other cats from bothering him.

So, for right now Tuxie's weathered the storm. But it's still cloudy, and it may just stay that way indefinitely. Doc wants to see him next week, but at this point knowing his hematocrit doesn't help change any diagnosis or treatment, so we'll see - we may be ending even the weekly vet visits.

I'm praying for Tuxie's bone marrow to start functioning normally again. That's the next miracle he needs! They say cats have nine lives - I don't know what count we're up to with Tuxie, but I sure hope there's at least one more left for our little wonderful guy!
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Aw thoughts are still flying for Tuxie! Good to hear he has put on some weight!
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Well, Laurie, we'll just keeping praying for a turnaround on the bone marrow situation I'm glad to hear the little guy is gaining weight.
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