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Please pray for Tuxie... it doesn't look like he's going to make it.

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After a long, long fight with what vets and specialists believed was an autoimmune problem (white blood cells attacking red ones causing severe anemia), it looks like Tuxedo might not make it.

He fought uphill from March to Sep/Oct of last year, stayed in a "well" zone through Jan/Feb, then took a severe turn for the worse. Our vet has gone so far above and beyond, and at the advice of KTLynn (THANK YOU!) consulted with a specialist from the "Mayo Clinic for cats" in NYC. She referred him to a specialist in GA that deals with blood borne diseases. They're now convinced it's a blood borne parasite (type unknown). GA specialist says a certain type of antibiotic is best to use - but it might be too late. Tuxie's been on drugs to stimulate his appetite, but they've stopped working. His organs still work, but it looks like his system is starting to shut down. He's down to 7.5 pounds and is skin and bones (several of our rescues have really large frames). He has no interest in food at all. His red blood cell count fell from 15 to 12 this week (should be 40. Under 24 is anemic. Under 10 and he doesn't have long to live. Vet says at some point his heart will just stop beating).

He's going to receive a blood transfusion tonight. He'll be on intravenous doxycycline (the antibiotic GA specialist recommends) through tomorrow. He received a shot of something to stimulate his appetite. Unless he starts eating, he won't make it, though how long he'll live, doc doesn't know. If he starts eating, hopefully the blood transfusion will buy him enough time for the doxy to start working. Vet says even that is ify, and didn't recommend or not recommend it. He did say if he becomes even more anemic, it will be too late. So Gary decided not to wait, but to try it. Right now his red blood cell production system appears to have shut down - so all our hopes are pinned on buying him enough time for the Doxy to work - if it's going to.

I can't thank everyone enough for all the prayers, thoughts and good will sent Tuxie's way already. I also appreciate all the PMs and e-mails with helpful thoughts and suggestions. We did try transfer factor - but we had no way to feed it to him as he'd basically stopped eating. I don't know how to give him two teaspoons of the stuff a day when he barely takes one lick of wet food, and I can't mix it and shoot it down his throut as we're already giving him several meds that way and that's so stressful already.

So...at this point, he really needs some magic to survive. Doc says he believes all odds are against it, and Tuxie has somewhere between a few days and maybe up to a few weeks. He's been SUCH a fighter, and such a good boy though, I really believe that if he survives the blood transfusion, he'll have a fighting chance. Gary, Tuxie and I would so appreciate (again!) any positive energy you can spare.
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Sending all the best vibes to Tuxie and your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You and Tuxie are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that he will have the strength to make it throught the next few days and make a turn for the better.
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coming Tuxie's way, Laurie. He'll be in my thoughts.
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Sending hugs and prayers, stay strong Tuxie!!!!
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Laurie, the girls and I send every ounce of good vibes that we have your way. I am praying for Tuxie and for strength for you and Gary. You're in my thoughts . Whatever does happen, I know you will do whatever is best for Tuxie and do not doubt for a minute that he ever questions your love for and devotion to him
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Laurie, sending all the vibes I can for Tuxie. Come on sweetie - hold on a bit longer so that the medicine can work
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Much love and healthy energy being sent to Tuxie to once again beat the odds. to you and Gary!!
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I'm praying for a miracle and sending positive vibes to you, Tuxie and Gary.
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I am so sorry that you & your beloved furbaby are going through this difficult time.
Sweet Tuxie & your family are in my thoughts & prayers.
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Well, Doc just called. The blood is coagulating, so it's not possible to give him a transfusion. A different donor won't make a difference. They want to keep him overnight anyway to keep him on the IV doxy.

Gary's taking treats and baby food over. He's going to spend the night sitting with him.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Tuxie truly needs a miracle now.
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Oh, Laurie, I'm so sorry to hear about Tuxie. Tonnes of vibes heading your way. You, Gary and sweet Tuxie will be in my thoughts, and I pray for a miracle.
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the blood is coagulating? do cats have blood types?? *hugs* I hop tuxie can get better, hon!!
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OMG! I'm so sorry! We will certainly send healing vibes to Tuxie! Tons of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm sending alot of *Healing Vibes* to poor Tuxie!
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I am sorry to read about this, praying for a miracle for your Tuxie.
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Sending mega healing vibes to Tuxie and to you all.
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I'm so sorry to hear about all your kitty is going through...can they give him fresh frozen plasma? I know that's what they use in humans who develop disseminated intravascular coagulation. I'll be praying for your Tuxie...I hope he pulls through.
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Many vibes and prayers coming your way for Tuxie's miracle, and for strength and peace for his humans.
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I'm so sorry you and Gary are going through this, Laurie. I am praying for Tuxie continuously and expect a miracle for your precious little boy. Tuxie, baby, please feel better!
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I'm so sorry to hear of this turn with Tuxie. I pray for a miracle.
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Laurie, I truly hope and pray that Tuxie makes it through this! You, Gary and Tuxie are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Sending Tuxie lots of healing vibes and good wishes, and you and Gary lots of hugs.
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I'm sorry to hear about Tuxie, I just said a prayer for him.
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Been offsite for three days so catching up. I am so sorry the news is so bad for Tuxie, and I hope all works out for the best.
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Laurie - I'm keeping sweet Tuxie in my thoughts. I've been thinking about him over the weekend and am still sending tons of healing vibes his way.
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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your thoughts and prayers headed Tuxie's way. I'm afraid to jinx all this fabulous board magic by saying this, because he's not out of the woods yet, but it's beginning to look like a miracle may be happening.

Gary and I both ended up spending the night with him at the vets. He was in critical care hooked up to the IV. At around 9:00ish the hospital was a mad-house, so one of the vet techs capped the IV so we could take him into a quiet room to see if he would eat or needed to go to the bathroom. He did both! We fed him Science Diet a/d, the stuff they tube feed animals that need to gain weight. He ate a little, not a lot. They suggested we wait another five or so hours before feeding him again.

At 2:30 he was RAVENOUS (I mean compared to how he's been eating the past week). He not only ate several tablespoonfuls of the a/d, he ate about a teaspoon of kitten kibble.

His vet showed up at around 7:00 the next morning. None of us were sure whether or not to leave Tuxie on the IV or bring him home. The place obviously completely stresses him out - but the intravenous fluids were obviously helping to make him feel good enough to eat. We decided to bring him home.

Saturday he basically didn't move all day. He sat on his pillow under the cat tree (near the litter box). We put food and water near him. He ate a lick or two of the a/d, but did use the litterbox a lot (must have been all those fluids). But he wouldn't even lie down comfortably - just sat there on all fours with his head hanging. I spent a good part of the day and evening just sitting in front of him, eyes closed, "talking" to him. Telling him what a good boy he his, what a strong fighter he's been, how many people out there were pulling for him - and he's fought this hard for this long all with the wrong approach and made it so far - he just needed to fight a few more days before the proper meds should help do their work. "Just keep fighting a little while longer, Tuxie, just keep fighting." We were so, so scared though - with his head just hanging there, his eyes dull - no interest in anything - basically unaware of anything going on around him.

I got up every 1 1/2 hours Saturday night to put food in front of him. At 3:00am he started to eat a little. A couple of licks of a/d. A couple of several different kind of treats. (I had squirted him with his vitamins and given him his doxy earlier in the evening).

Sunday he started eating up a storm. I gave him his doxy & vitamins in the morning. He ate very small amounts - but he ate each time we put something in front of him. With the wet food I had to put my finger in it and touch it to his lip before he'd start to eat out of the bowl, but he ate.

By Sunday night there was some brightness back in his eyes, though he still hadn't walked more than from his pillow to the litterbox. And he still just sat there with his head hanging.

I got up every 1 1/2 hours all night last night, and just kept at it.

When I came down this morning to get him into the crate for the vet - he'd actually curled up on the pillow.

We took him to the vet first thing this morning. He'd gained an ounce - and HIS HEMATOCRIT WENT UP A PERCENTAGE POINT TO 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doc had been so afraid that his systems were shutting down and that it was not reversible. Doc said this morning - he's changing his "status" on Tuxedo from "there's little hope he'll make it" to "don't get your expectations up, but go ahead and hope," and right now I can totally live with that. They gave him some sub-cutaneous fluids to help him feel better. We came home and was uninterested in food for hours. He just slept (in that sitting/head hanging position), and we didn't wake him. But we were sitting in the kitchen chatting - and in walks Tuxedo! "Meow! I'm hungry!" We fed him some a/d which he ate (after touching it to his lip). We fed him some baby food (chicken and gravy). We fed him some shrimp (we're still under orders to feed him anything he'll eat - within reason, of course). He ate a few pieces of kitten kibble, then headed back to sleep. We had to run out for errands - and when I unlocked the door - who was up and eating on his own? Tuxedo! He looked up (a big improvement - noticing what's going on around him) - and he just looked alive again. Not like he's ready to run and jump and play - but his eyes were alive again. More importantly - he went back to eating! (We've placed paper bowls of kitten kibble EVERYWHERE in the house. Spooky and Ming Loy are getting a little fat, but I'd rather have them pudgy with lots of food accesible for Tuxie, and vet agrees).

So - since then, I've seen him get up TWICE and eat a tablespoon or more of kibble on his own. I just keep telling him what a good boy he is, what a strong fighter he is, how loved he is, and how much Daddy needs him.

So... he's not out of the woods yet, but it sure looks like he can get there. The GA specialist says it takes the Doxy about a month to do its work - but it looks like it's already started, and Tuxie now has a fighting chance - and he's fighting, and I can't thank you all enough for helping with what really may be a miracle.

You are all angels.
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Laurie that is fabulous news! Tuxie is such a strong boy, such a fighter. I'll be keeping him in my thoughts and sending him strength.
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That is wonderful news..keeping him in my thoughts,
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That is great news. Sweet Tuxie...keep getting stronger little furchild :
Dexter & Sadie send healing head butts to you Tuxie.
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