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Cat gone loco! very worried!

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I hope someone here can help!
lately my cat Jinx has been acting extremely wierd! hes going on 9 months old. Hes very playfull ad friendly with my entire family and girlfriend, hes also very great with our dog, the two of them play all the time. lately however hes become a comepletly different cat! hes still great with all my family, but hes started attacking the dog, now shes just a little friendly dog so she cant tell shes being attacked and we stop him before it gets bad. The other things are his viciousness towards strangers. I took him to the vet today to get a pre-surgery check up before he is fixed next week and he pretty much attacked the vet! he went CRAZY! hissing and howlings all hair on ends, he lept 8 feet and bit the vets wrist, he was afraid to go in after that!? Hes home now and still comepletely fine with me, but hes howling and pacing my apartment, hes perfectly healthy, NEVER goes outside ever. hes hissed at strangers to the house before, only males (big ones), I just dont know what to do! its really scary seeing him like this, I love him but I'm going to be starting a family soon with all kinds of new people and I dont want him going nuts to every new person, does anyone know what I can do? or what might be wrong with him? will getting him fixed calm him downa bit?
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yes getting fixed will help a lot. i'd do it asap before he gets really nasty or starts peeing up the walls.
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