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mouth licking?

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Hello all,

I am owned by two 5-yr old DSH cats (one red tabby female and one cream tabby male). They were abandoned by the mother when they were 2.5 wks old, and I have raised them ever since.

Anika, the female, likes to occasionally lick me in the mouth (especially when she is trying to wake me up!). Adam, the male, does no such thing and never has. Is the mouth licking a carry-over from kittenhood? Do kittens lick the mouths of their mothers for a reason?
These are my first cats in my lifetime; I wouldn't trade them for a roll of quarters!

Thx for all of your help.
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The only thing that come to mind is that it could be her way of giving kisses. I am sure other members will have much more input. I am glad they found such a good home with you.
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My bet is that she does it because it works! I can't imagine being able to sleep through being licked on the mouth. She knows that if she licks your mouth you will pay attention to her! Smart cat!
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My 8 month old Lily does that too, but if after a few seconds of licking doesn't get a few pets for her, she nips me on the lip!
Not hard, but enough to get my attention.

Why do they do it? I agree with lotsocats...because it works! :laughing:
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What A Funny cat. My cat does something similar. She Sucks the corner of my eye! My other cat suckles on my arm. It's probably just her way of saying "I love you"!
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