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Any bad luck today?

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Well, its Friday 13th. I'm usually not superstitous, but I am on Friday the 13th. Maybe its because bad luck happens to me everytime. So far:

I was late to school.
I had math first thing in the morning.
Pop Quiz.
Homework over the weekend.

So, any bad luck for you, or is it just me?
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I think today is mostly a good day except that all of my jeans were at bf's and I had to wear this cruddy old stinky pair to work because hell if I'm missing a casual friday!
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Nope, nothing so far. Hopefully, it stays that way.
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LOL, well, at least it was only his cruddy old jeans and not his cruddy old underwear! LOL

Nope Jen, nothing bad has happened yet to me, other than I still have an hour and 15 minutes before I get out of here! LOL

Hang in there Kiddo.....homework won't last forever! Just study hard so when you grow up you won't be like me!
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My husband and I had a really stupid fight this morning. We've made up, though, and the rest of the day has been pretty good so far. (Knock on wood)
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Well I had a cat (I suspect Bobber) urinate on the kitchen counter by the metal breadbox this am!! She does this when she is mad that we don't let her outside!!
Nothing else so far!!
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I went to the doctor today to have a planters wart removed from my toe. Well, that wart turned out to be 3 warts on the same toe!!!! Had to freeze it off........and was adviced that he would have to do it again in 2 weeks.

Then, started cleaning the pool and had to go buy a new hose for the vacuum.

It's been an expensive day for me with a little bit of pain!
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I had the best of luck today. My two favorites goes to the final in (Norwegian) Idol
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
LOL, well, at least it was only his cruddy old jeans and not his cruddy old underwear! LOL

Let see... at this hour nothing!
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Thanks for your replys everyone!

Thanks Susie.
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That Orei is the cutest thing ! ! Looks just like my little (?-15 lbs) Tico. Don't be superstitious, baby girl, we generally make our own "luck". My horoscope told me to avoid superstitious beliefs . . . I'm gonna have to chew on THAT one for a while ! ! How can there be bad luck when we have our little fuzzies to love and to love us back ? ? Count your blessings.

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Aw thanks Winwin. Your words are wise.

By the way, Orei is flattered.
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First thing this morning, while getting dressed, I broke an earring (cheap costume jewelry) and I got stalled in the electronic revolving door at work - TWICE!

Otherwise, not a bad day. It is payday, my new raise is effective (highest one yet) and I don't have to work this weekend. In addition, I am trying out in a new position which, if it becomes permanent, will mean another $1 an hour raise. The supe of that team has specifically asked for me and ONE other person.
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Poopy day here. Manager called me 7 am whining that she had a headache and couldn't work today 8-8 and can i go in for her? ( conviently giving her a 4 day weekend!) and can I find someone to cover my 11am to midnight shift?
First if all, it takes me a good, hour and a half to get ready to go to work, second whining at me a 7 am(or at all) really irritates me, third I was up most of the night because of the thunderstorm and Luna being so scared of it. SO I had my crabby pants on today.
So rush around and make it there (amazingly) at 7:57 and start calling people to cover this shift. I called EVERYONE and not one called me back! I had to call my district manager off of her vacation day to help us or we'd have been up the creek without a paddle. Thankfully she was not TO mad and came in, so the day goes on, well I wait because i still need someone to cover a 5pm top 10:30 shift so I'm waiting and FINALLY one person out of all the crew calls me to cover it! let me tell you I bought him his food, I thanked him up one side and down the other, I think I threw rose petals at his feet as he walked but I'm not sure.
But the horrors didn't stop there. The closing shift leader came in with HIS crabby pants on and well two people with crabby pants on does not make for a good evening let me tell you! Long story longer, we were at each others throats all night until I left.
I hate Friday the 13th. It is a horrible day for me, I just want to crawl into bed and hide for the whole day! which is what I should've done today!
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Aw, you poor thing. Looks like we both had unlucky days.
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i've always had good luck on friday the 13th and actually it's almost 2 a.m. and i'm getting ready to go to bed...i didn't even realize that today was friday the 13th...however i've had a great day!
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Grrr... we've been planning a big neighborhood yard sale and cookout for three weeks for Saturday and one of the neighbors promised to borrow a whole bunch of tables for a group yard sale. He backed out at 9pm on Friday night, with 6 families coming to set up tables at the group sale! I guess all our stuff will be on tarps on the ground!

What's worse is he didn't call anyone to tell them, he just posted it on the neighborhood forum, which I didn't check until just now (5:30 a.m. Saturday), so Friday the 13th is still haunting me!
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