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Third eyelid STILL showing

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I am really worried about Simon and I was just wondering if anyone knew anything else I could try or that I haven’t thought about concerning cats third eyelids showing.

Here’s a list of what I have tried so far:

Full body exam- Healthy weight and no outward signs of disease besides the eyelids showing
Tested for FLV, and FLP- both results negative
Total blood work tested- nothing out of the ordinary, perfectly healthy
Liquid De-worming treatment – no change in the eyelids
Tape worm/ round worm tablet- no change
Fecal testing- Just done today -nothing out of the ordinary

Now I thought it might be due to behavior, but really, he’s not acting THAT different, and Elle’s third eye lids show a tiny bit too, not as bad as Simon’s and somedays it doesn't show at all on Elle, but that may be just because her eyes are smaller and so it’s not as noticeable.

I just don’t know what to do, I hate the thought of something happening to them and I don’t know what else to try or test for.

Any ideas? My vet is stumped
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I don't know what it could be but I will be sending you healthy & happy vibes.
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Could he have something in his eye or perhaps a scratched cornea? Or perhaps some neurological trauma that may have caused it?

Sphinx had his third eyelid showing for awhile and we took him to a cat eye specialtist who diagnosed it as Horner's Syndrome. He recovered and the third eyelid went back into place in about three weeks.

Hope he feels better.
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Are they sneezing at all? They could have feline herpes virus, especially since your previous post mentioned that Simon's eyes were gunky...
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Horners Syndrome is a distinct possibility so is a low-grade fever or dehydration- Any other puzzling symptoms? Diarrhea, bubbles in the stool? blood, vomiting?
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No sneezing, a little gunk in the eyes, but he’s always had eye crusties every once in a while and it's not colored which means no infection.

As for other puzzling symptoms, not so much. The only thing I have noticed is a bloody stool from Elle shortly after we brought her home, then last week I saw a bloody stool from Simon. I’m not talking massive blood, just tiny bit of blood/mucous but it’s solid fecal matter. No vomiting at all, and they both still eat normally.

There are two vets that work in the hospital and the older vet called me back today and told me that he wanted me to take both Simon and Elle in this week (Elle’s due for a booster anyways). He says that the fecal testing is really accurate, and that he doesn't think it is worms but none the less he wants me to bring another fecal sample from both Simon and Elle just to be sure.

He thinks the problem is located at the eyes and just at the eyes, so I guess he will check them out and we'll hopfully figure something out.

I thought of horners syndrome, it's just both cats seem to have the eyelid issue, which would indicate that it's most likley not horners syndrome.

Thanks for the comments
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I can't help you, but sending lots of good wishes your way! I hope they are able to figure it out for you! They sound as if they are caring vets.
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JaneMary, just a thought here that may not lead to anything, but ... did you get both of these cats from the same breeder? Have you talked to her about it at all? Is it something she has seen in any of her other cats or kittens?
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Both Simon and Elle are from the same person, but this lady was only the breeder/caretaker for Simon and her friend that lives in Florida brought home a litter of siamese which is how I got Elle. So that's a no, Simon is born and raised on PEI, while Elle is from Florida.

Thanks for the warm wishes, and Gayef thank you for mentioning that even though it turned out not to be a lead, I still appreciate it none the less.

They go in this friday and I will let you guys know what I find
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I am sincerely interested in the outcome JaneMary, so please be sure to let us know what the vet says after your visit on Friday, OK? I know how frustrating it is to have something wrong but not be able to pin it down ... if I may hijack the thread but for a moment to relate to you what has turned out to be an amusing story ...

My female Seal Point, Lexus, came into our home on November 8 of 2003, immediately stole my husband's heart and has since refused vehemently to ever give it back. He adores her with every fiber of his once-dog-person's being.

In January of 2004, Lexus began having loose stools and no matter how often she was into the vet over the next five months for this or that test, NO ONE could figure out what was wrong with her. She continued to have loose stools, but was perfectly A-OK in every other department. No parasites, none of the normal cat baddies like FIP, FIV, etc. Everyone was completely stumped. The vet finally just threw up his hands and called it "Unspecified Digestive Issues" and suggested an IBD diet. I was cleaning up cat poop which had been tracked out of the box and onto the carpet, floor and even my bed for what seemed like ever and I was so frightened that our little baby girl was deathly ill and would not see her first birthday unless we could find out for certain exactly what was wrong with her.

One particular evening, my husband came home from work to find me in a puddle on the living room floor, crying my eyes out because I was so afraid that Lexus had some horrible condition and no one could help her. I told him the vet had given up and said it was something that would either go away on it's own or it would get worse and she would die. It was right then and there that my darling husband, man o'my every dream asked me ... "Ummmmm, would spaghetti make her sick like that?" I stood all 5 feet two inches of me up and walked over to my six foot four inches worth of husband and asked "YES, it would. WHY??????"

*sigh* Hubby then began to tell me that he had been "trying since right after Christmas" to "win us that million dollars on America's Funniest Home Videos" by taping Lexus as she slurped spaghetti noodles right off of his dinner plate. Of course, he didn't take into account that those noodles had sauce on them and that sauce had tomatoes in it and that tomatoes can and DO cause diarrhea in cats!

Problem solved. Husband yelled at thoroughly. Husband immediately contrite.
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Another thought ... cleaning products maybe? Air fresheners or that carpet dust you throw down then vacuum up? Do you keep your windows open or do you use forced air in your home? Have you changed the filter recently if you use forced air?
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Gayef I can't believe the story about your seal point, that is typical though, sometimes males don't use their thinking caps ! That would have been a funny AFH video though... oh my! It's funny to look back on now, but I bet the vet bill wasn't so funny !

As for the cleaning products, I haven't introduced any new products. Concerning air, I always open the windows and let air blow throught the house. The reason I don't think it has anything to do with those issues is because Simon lived almost 2 years as an only child with NO health problems since we got him (minus a mild URI when we got him). I really think whatever he has came from Elle. When we first got her she had a mild URI as well, but the vet said it was nothing serious. I did notice her third eyelids were up a tiny bit but nothing to be alarmed about and I figured she would come around.

Simon's third eyelids show MUCH more then Elle's, hers can can even disappear and look normal some days. Simon has had his third eyelids showing for over a month now so I hope this friday we can figure something out with the vet. I'll post some good pictures of their eyelids tomorrow up close and in focus so you guys can see what I am talking about.

*Sighs* I have to try anything and everything I can to figure this out, I can't have any regrets. They are both my number one priority.

Thanks for the support
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Jane, I so hope you can get to the bottom of this. They are beautiful cats and I can certainly understand your concerns. Good thoughts and prayers for you and your furbabies.
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