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3 Week Old Babies.

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Yep.. I was supposed to get a pregnant mum a few weeks ago.. but she was sent to a deffernt foster home... and then they called about an hour ago asking if I could take a momma and her 5, five week old babies.. but then they called back saying they may have a foster home for them. (I am like an emergency foster home that they call if theres no one else, or if its a kitten that needs extra care) and now about 20 mins ago they called saying they need me to take anywhere from 1-7 3 week old babies.. no mom. Momma cat whas shot and killed by some teenagers. Its been a long time since I raised little ones like that.. almost a year now. Anway.. just thought I should tell you guys.. Pictures will come shortly.. they will be dropping them off here at around 4-5pm EST so in a few hours.. I am excited
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Heres the website as well.. you can check out some cuties

Pets/Friends For Life
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wow you are gonna have your hands full with 7 kittens!!! WOW! I thought when I got 5 to foster it was very tiring! Im sorry to hear about what happened to the momma cat!! that makes me sad someone would actually do that... it also makes me mad!!!!!!!! people should not hurt animals!!!!! good luck to you taking care of the beautiful kittens! the hardest part is giving them back! lol know what i mean?! take care! -Cindy
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Well I got 3 of the 7.. two calicos, one of them longhaired.. and a longhaired orange male They are adorable.. but so malnorished.. you can feel their tiny bones.. hopefully I can get them to gain some weight pretty soon. I found out that they have been without mom for 4 days now.. and 3 of those days someone was feeding them cows milk -___- but now on a mixture of KMR and Hills P/D fod they will start to be doing much better.. will post pics soon!
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Oh, poor little tykes. I'm glad the owners realized they needed to turn the babies over to experienced foster moms. Good luck with the tiny kittens.
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There they are
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Awww..very cute!!

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They are vey raty looking right now.. but I won't dare to abthe them right now.. they have gone through alot, and are pretty underweight and I don't want to risk them getting sick. I will try brushing it out.. hopefully that will work
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they are cuties
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oh what little sweeties. good on you for fostering them . i cant stand the thought of people hurting the mother cat.
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