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Couldnt Resist

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I was visiting the S.P.C.A. the other day when i fell in love with the sweetest little furboy. I know is hasnt been that long since Hardrive has been gone but I just couldnt resist.
Misty seems happier to have a friend to play with now and he is only a couple of weeks younger than her. I call him Marblecake . Marble for short cause he just reminds me of a little chunk of chocolate marble cake.

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Ooooooooooooooh look at him!!!! He's gorgeous!! and he looks like he's settled in so well!

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He is adorable I can see why you couldn't resist.
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Thankyou He did settle in well and he and Misty hit it off so quickly and so nicely.
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Awe! Sounds like it was meant to be! I thought I'd want to wait awhile after Comere passed away, but I ended up adopting Cosmo the following weekend... it doesn't mean you grieve any less, but it helps the heart heal to have a fur-baby taking special care of YOU.

Congrats on the new kitty! Marble is gorgeous!
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Marble is adorable. I adopted Dexter & Sadie a week after my beloved furbaby Bartholomew died. Although I still grieve for him...I am so glad (almost 5 years later) that I did. I love Dexter & Sadie.
A Huge Congrats!
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Originally Posted by Rita
He is adorable I can see why you couldn't resist.
... sooooo cute!!!
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He is SO cute!
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Aww, what a cutie pie, congrats on the new kitty.
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ohmygod, wow gorgeous!
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He is soooooo handsome!!!!
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He's a cutie!!
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Such a cutie pie! I think my Emma has a crush on him, she's sittin here staring away!
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What an adorable find! I can see why you fell in love!! I am in love with your new baby!
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so sweet how could you resist!
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Oh he is sooo very cute... One thing I have noticed is a lot of people here have lost a cat recently, or whatnot. I get very worried since it has been many many years since I've had a cat and now that I have Kitter's I worry about losing her... I think it will affect me more as an adult then it did as a child (as I didn't actually see my cat dead) Just worries me a bit... Does anyone know what the average life span of a normal cat with no major health problems??
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Average lifespan for a healthy cat can be anywhere from around 13-20 years. My old guy Comere lived to be nearly 18... and he was an indoor/outdoor cat who was a bit overweight. Of course, just like with people, illness can happen at any time, so it's important to have vet checkups from time to time and to keep an eye on things like litterbox use and eating/drinking.

It IS hard to lose them -- I cried so hard over having to put my guy to sleep in March, and my daughter (11) cried her little heart out... but the love we feel for them and the love and friendship they give you back is so worth it
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Thanks, that was a very good answer.. i appreciate it!
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He is beautiful!!! Congrats on your new buddy!!
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Congratulations! What a cute baby!
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