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Happy Friday everyone! What's the plan?

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For me, this weekend was going to be spent in my flower/vegetable gardens, but now they are predicting storms and rain right thru Sunday.........
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For me:
Going to Maifest, the annual Spring kick-off! It's a German festival with lots of German food, beer, kiddie rides, craft booths, live bands (!) and people-watching!!! I'm dang excited!!!

It's supposed to be a total rain-out tommorrow, here, too. Storms today at some point, and tomorrow supposed to be total crud, but I don't care. Festivals are still fun even if it's raining!

Sunday... depending on the degree of hangover... more yardwork, more pulling up old ugly bushes to make way for pretty new things.
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Awwww Susie i'll send you some of my sunshine because it's glorious here!

Well tonight i'm sharing myself, because firstly i have a bbq to go to at one of my neighbours at about 6.00.p.m, so i'll stay there for a couple of hours, then after that i'm meeting up with the girlies in our local pub

So it's strappy high heels tonight because the sun is shining

Oh and retail therapy tomorrow as usual!!
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Sooz, sounds like you and Stephanie are going to have a wild time this weekend.

Right now is actually beautiful and sunny, but by the time we go home, the clouds and rain are to be here. NO FAIR!!!

This is for you Mother Nature!
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My weekly trip out of the house
Errands, gotta get bird food, litter pans and crickets....I hope I can be strong and not come home with extras
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I have GOT to get some housework done, bedding plants planted, and the yard mowed. Sometime !
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Today is a beautiful day so once Brendan gets here we're going to head out to the pool and work on our tans!
Then sometime today we'll be working on a name for his NEW KITTEN!! That's right, that girl he lives with is going to sell the new kitten to Brendan. Shows you how much she really cared about it right??? I'm so happy, now things are going to be just like they were meant to be.
Suddenly I can't remember what other plans we had for today...hmmmmmm. I know that my friend Lauren is coming over tonight and we're going to book our cruise!!!!!!!! YAY!!! I guess that's about the extent of the plans though!!
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