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Hi, I was wondering how long it takes for a cats system to "forget" a certain food so that they have to be slowly introduced to it again. Here is the backstory: I was feeding my 4 month old kitten Hill's Prescription Diet PD and learned here that it wasn't the best food. So I gave her a tiny bit of the Chicken Soup for the Kitten Lover's soul and she reacted very badly. Horrible diarrhea that wasn't going away etc. So after vet visits and anti-inflammatories she was getting back to normal. She was on Hill's i/d which is the gastrointestinal food. Then I weaned her back onto Hill's p/d since it was working before. I was thinking that maybe Medi-Cal would be better so for the last 5 days I have been working that into her diet with the Hill's i/d but the diarrhea is back and not going away. So I've ultimately decided to go with p/d and not care if it is not as high quality because at least she doesn't have diarrhea. So, will her system remember the p/d from 5 days ago??? What I'm hoping for is the diarrhea to clear up quickly. I'm sick of this. She goes twice a day... Not as severe as the Chicken Soup (10 times a day, horrible).