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He was here... bu tnow he's not?

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I swear to god my cat elliot is like... magical or something. THere was something going outside, and something fell down on the porch, and then I heard these screams of cats fighting "NOT MY CATS THANK GOD" But some strays and anyways elliot comes running past me and goes into my room and under my bed now.. Ive got an odd bed, its a water bed, with a dresser underneath.. now.. somehow he can fit himself in the drawers, though he is a large 16lb cat and the drawers are 6 inches high.. I cannot possibly even start to think about how he gets in there.. but both my cats like to sleep in the lower drawers ( EVEN THOUGH ITS STUFFED WITH ROLLED UP SHIRTS SO TEHRES LIKE EVEN 4 inches less of space) anyways, I was looking in there for him an dfound him in the last drawer.. so I poked him out because I wanted to see if he was ok, and then he just ... dissapeared O_O I was sitting right in front of the doorway and would have seen i fhe had gotten out (it wasnt closed all the way (my bedroom door) and so I opened up all teh drawers again, and then went and looked in the other place in my room ( their cat scratcher home) not in there O_O and then I looked in the house, and he is not anywhere O_O HOW DO CATS DO THIS??? IT IS CREEPY its like theres a magical portal under my bed to a secret cat world o_O well I am going to go look for him again, ill putll out all the drawers and if hes not there then ill go look in the rest of the house again (its pretty small, not alot of hiding places) O_O
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ugh Hes under the bed.. he somehow avoided me and my flashlight.. oooh.. im scared to go outside an dsee what happened.. it sounded like the kitties were fighting on my porch... because stuff fell over and... god I hop there is nothing bad outthere in the morning. I really hope theres nothing bad out there in the morning... O_O God I hope this doesnt happen every night... there are only like two cats around anyways, and they are from a small farm thing that grows plants for sale... :O Oh I hope the kitties didnt get Wild or Jin (a pair of wild rabbits in the backyard) thougH the screaming would have been worse (rabbits screaming=most horrible thing onthe planet) I don tknow if I can sleep now XD This has freaked me out.

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I don't know the answer to that one, but I do have another question along similar lines: How do they make themselves invisible? Because I swear mine can do this!!

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Finnegan has started to do this when we're here at Johns house.. last night I went to the bathroom and he was in teh kitchen, I came out and he was no where to be found! John was painting the house so I went out and said I cant find fin again!!! so I looked until he was done and he joined in and we still couldnt find him and we were so scared he got outside.. we looked all over the house with a flashlight and outside. They neighbor was even watching out for him since she saw me outside shaking his food! Finally mom and dad brought shadow over to find him and Shadow the good boy that he is sniffed him out right away.. He was under the china cabinet in the kitchen!! Theres only about 3 inches of space under there. I think he might've been stuck and didnt know how to get out but I don't know for sure... Now he's disappeared and I found him under Johns moms bed. (his favorite hiding spot at the moment) Mom gave me a big bell that I put on his collar so we can hear him while we're here. Ahhhhh Its sooo frusterating! Why do they hide like this?? It makes me feel like I did something to make him mad! He was weird all week then friday he was fine and yesterday got all weird again.... *siiigh* OK Im done! lol Maybe someone can shed some light on the subject?
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Errrrm, according to a friend of mine cats have the mental ability to form a transdimensional hyperspace duct from "here" to "there." Sometimes I think he's right . Oh, and chipmunks also use these holes in space .
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cats are so mysterious, they can get through the smallest places! IM still stumped as now a 15 lb cat got through a 2 inch space only to sleep in a 3 inch space happily :P it is one of the mysteries of the world! i love that rosehawke! That just about describes cats and their dissaperances! Cats are soo funy but sometiems so evil. I find it really helps ot have bells on them, because even ifyou cant see them you can hear them :P and the tripping over the cat percentage goes down a bit too :P
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