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Nemex 2

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I noticed that Nemex 2 is labeled only for puppies and dogs. It seems that while there are tons of dog wormers in the pet catalogs, there is a shortage of cat wormers. I've had success with Nemex 2 on puppies. Can Nemex 2 be given to kittens?

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I wouldn't do it. Not only is using a dog product on cats a bad idea, but the over the counter de-worming stuff isn't really effective. I'd add de-worming to the list of the things for the vet to do at the first checkup.
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You will need to make 100% absolutely certain that whatever product you use is labeled for treatment of the specific parasites your kittens are carrying. And to determine which parasites they may have - you need a fecal exam from the vet. It is probably better to have the vet check them out and suggest something for you to use than to guess and overmedicate for parasites they may or may not have.
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