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Hello MA! Good morning!

My wife, Milky & I want to wish you have you a great Happy Birthday!!!

Make this day the best for you!!!

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Hope you have a Happy Birthday, MA! Like I told Steph, words cannot describe how happy I am that you're my friend! Thanks for being you, and for all that you do, for each of us!

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Happy Birthday! Hope your day is special!
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Happy Birthday!!!
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To a wonderful person and a godsend to kitties the world over....

~~Happy, Happy Bithday to MA!~~
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I hope you have had a truly lovely day and that your friends and family have made your day really special.

I am sending lots of birthday wishes to you and hope you will have a lovely year!

Love Eva, Eviecat, Molly, Huggy and Tara x
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Happy 50th Birthday, Mary Anne! I hope you have a wonderful day, and year to come!
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Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday to YOU! May you have a puuuurfect day. :-)
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Happy, happy Birthday to a very special lady!
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We are having some really awesome birthdays, lately! Happy Birthday Mary Anne! I hope you have an awesome day. You deserve it!

Happy Birthday Mary Anne!
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Although I am a relative newbe at TCS, I already know how important you are to everyone here.

Lots of Head Butts to You In the Coming Year
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Happy Birthday!

Thanks for all your words of wisdom. You are both a friend, and a great resource for catlovers! Hope you have a great day!
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Happy birthday!
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Have a very special birthday!!
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Us cat lovers and the kitties who own us owe a LOT to you and all of the help and wisdom that you have dispersed here at TCS.
I hope you are able to enjoy your birthday in whatever way you choose and that you get tons of love from the kits
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Wishing you only wonderful things and lots of magical moments this year!!!!!

Mary Anne, I haven't been around much recently, but that doesn't detract at all from my great appreciation for all you've done for me, our cats, TCS, and the entire "cat community." You are an intensely caring person, and I thank the universe for you.

As you know, part of your secret santa package included a special plate with pics of two very special kitties. I had really hoped to get it to you for your birthday (since it wasn't ready for the rest of the Xmas package, lol!). I could not be sorrier that we haven't had the chance to pick it up and get it to you. But please know you are always in my thoughts and prayers (as are Mike and all the kitties), and as today is such a special day, please know I'm sending up special thanks that you are who you are and that I have been blessed with the good fortune of having "met" you through TCS.

I hope today is a wonderful, wonderful day!

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Happy Birthday MA!
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Happy Birthday, Mary Anne!!! For all the wonderful work you do to help cats, you deserve the happiest birthday ever!!!

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Happy Birthday Mary Anne! I hope your enjoying a great day!
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Wow~I am truly overwhelmed by the good wishes, witty sayings and wonderful graphics in this thread. Thank you to all of you, it is because of your presence here, your questions and your curiousity that keeps me growing and going, probing me to do more research, write better articles that will help more people. It is because of you that I have been inspired to write a book about feral cats and share what I know and what I learned.

It has been a truly incredible day. First of all I paid off all my vet bills! I am now at a zero balance with my three vets. Mike took me to breakfast to my favorite restaurant and then we ran around and bought more goodies for inside the enclosure and stuff for the horses. I came home to calls on the machine from old friends and relatives, and it has just been a really nice schedule-less day.

Yes, Steph and I share the same birthday, I have just had them longer than she has! Thanks too for the private cards and messages. I have to laugh, I keep getting the same card from different cat lovers. it's on hallmark.com and it shows a tiger-striped kitty and two yellow couches. Suddenly the kitty goes into hyper mode, and at the end one of the couches says Happy and the other Birthday. The message reads, "Hope you like your birthday card, I made it from scratch!" It is truly hilarious, and one would think I must like cats or something?

I received some wonderful presents, exotic coffees and chocolates from far off places, a beautiful cat throw, some arabian perfume and a wall hanging that was handmade. I was dreading this 50th birthday, I don't know why, but I was. It has turned out to be the best one yet. I had to laugh this morning when we woke up, I asked Mike if I looked any older? He looked at me carefully and said "no, you just look tired!" With 9 relatives that just left here after spending several days with us, tired does fit-

Thank you again all of you- you are all so special-
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I hope you are having a marvelous day, you certainly deserve it! Hugs and purrs from me, Ariel, Chester and Piper!

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Happy Happy Birthday, MA!!!
Thank you SOOO much for everything you do for all of us and our kitties!!! You have helped me out SO much over the year!!!

I hope you have a fantastic day!!!

God bless you,
Lacey and Juicy
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Mary Anne, I'm so happy that your birthday has been blessed as much as we are blessed by having you here. I'm very proud to call you friend.
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Hope you have a wonderful day! Happy birthday!!!!!
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Happy Birthday!
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Oh MA! we are wishing you the happiest of birthdays! Hope it is all you want it to be!!! I'm proud to have met you! You're the best!!!!!
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Awwww MA, Many happy returns, birthday girl!
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