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What the...?

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So, im sitting here on my computer and i start hearing my can make these horribly loud meows, almost like howls. so i go running to make sure everything is ok. I look at her and shes staring at the stairs and when she heard me she came running up and swirled along my legs like nothing happend. Why do cats howl at nothing? or is there really someting i cant see?
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I believe animals can see things we can't.. such as ghosts and such like that.. or she just culd be sensing something. Unless she isn't spayed then it is obvious why she is howling
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Oliver occasionally cries like that if he can't figure out where I am: or in the middle of the night if he wants attention!
Chances are your kitty was just feeling needy.
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Spaz does that during, or right after eating wet food.

She did it quite frequently after her bonded 'mate' (they were both fixed) had to be put to sleep, I felt bad knowing she was looking for him.

I always call to her when she does it, she comes running, ready for a mega lovin session.
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Daisy often does this, after the last meal of the day she will sit in the kitchen howling. I used to worry about her mental health but now I just go & give her a cuddle instead! My OH thinks she is seeing ghosts.

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Cats (and other animals) call to reorganize their family/colony/pack.
SHe was likely checking to see where you were and regroup.

Or she could have been talking to an unearthly creature Who knows?
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Sophie yells, but i put hers down to wanting some attention because as soon as i pick her up and give her a cuddle and a scritch she starts purring then she's fine!

Rosie walks around chattering now and again, but i talk to her until she's said her piece
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Originally Posted by Loveysmummy
Cats (and other animals) call to reorganize their family/colony/pack.
SHe was likely checking to see where you were and regroup....
I think this is probably correct. Shado used to do this on occasion, but when I would call out to her she would stop it and come running. Likely she may have thought you were up (or down) the stairs, and she just wanted to know where you were.
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My cats do the same thing. My girl Aurora likes to stand in a corner and make those noises. I think she enjoys the different sound she makes doing that. It actually makes it louder, almost like talking in a megaphone. Amber and Boirs also do it when they are looking for each other. However, they do not meow, they bark. So it almost sounds like we have dogs.
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I've got a few howlers. Singers, talkers, trillers, too!

Hammie will go down into the basement, where it's dark & spooky, and growl at himself. It sounds like he's asking questions. He gets really loud, and it's just him down there! I think Hammie just likes to hear himself talk, because he really gets into it and sort of has his own language.

Snickers, at nighttime before he comes up to bed with me... will be downstairs all alone & he will sing. It's a really pretty, trilling sound, high pitched and sing-songy. He does it so excessively that sometimes I have to get up & peek my head down the stairwell and call for him til he comes running!

And Dusty, she takes the little birdie toys around the house in her mouth, and makes grunting growly noises. Weird, deep noise that sounds odd coming from such a tiny, pretty, sweet little cat. We think she's proud cuz she "killed the birdie" so she's showing off to the other cats!

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Sometimes they're just checking to see where everyone is...sometimes they want to play. Siamese cats seem to talk just to hear themselves and to drive everyone nuts. **A word of warning**: If you have an older cat who frequently starts howling, especially at night, please schedule a vet visit. Older cats are prone to thyroid problems (hyperthyroidism) and blindness, both of which increase night-time howling and calling behavior.
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