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Not exactly a loss, but...

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...as I've read the other posts to the Bridge, it brought to the surface something I thought I had gotten over. I guess not.
In my 20's, I still ived with my parents. After the loss of the family dog (15 years old), my Mom adopted a beautiful little girl we named Callie, as she was black and orange, our little "Halloween cat". Anyway, Callie was great; a "standard issue" cat.
So, after having Callie for a few years, we ended up rescuing a kitten that had crawled into the engine compartment of my brother-in-law's car...hid behind the headlight cavity! At first, my Mom hesitated to introduce a street cat into our house, but eventually we did. Named Lucky due to his circumstances, he got along well with Callie. He physically outgrew Callie, but they played great. They even used to tag team the new/old dog my Mom adopted.
Well, eventually, I moved out to an apt. about 10 min. from Mom's. I visited at least once a week. One week I went, Callie & Lucky wouldn't come out to see me. Turns out my Mom gave them away, because she didn't think she could keep up with caring for them.(I couldn't have cats at my apartment) I was crushed! To this very day, I have no idea what became of my/our cats...I'm very sad now/still.

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Awww Bill, thats so sad The not knowing must be hard. Of course its a loss, you loved those kitties. Your furkids have a great daddy, they are very lucky
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Loss takes on many faces and your loss hurts deeply. I am sorry this happened - and I hope that your babes both went to good homes.
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My father did that. We had two Airedale Terriers, a father and daughter duo, Tinker and Samantha. My father moved in with his girlfriend and took my dog, Samantha with him because I couldn't have pets in my apartment. Sammy was a very quiet dog who never barked or caused any problems. The management said he'd have to get rid of Sammy as she was too big. He told me he found a wonderful home for her on a farm up in Storrs. For years I believed him until one day, he told me that he had her put down because he had no choice. I was devastated. She was a purebred dog and could've easily found another home. I never forgave him for that. So I know how you feel.
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Hi Bill,

You're a great kitty daddy! It's a great feeling to know that you're the one in control now. That happened to me as a child too, My evil stepmonster hate cats. Tina (my first kitty...feral) was gone the next time I visited my dad.

I know she had something to do with it, but that's all water under the bridge. I am now the queen of my own home and all my kitties are the KINGS! :LOL::LOL:

Love & Peace,
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I was 6 years old when my Mom and Dad got me my 1st dog.Spotty was my best pal until the day he "ran away". That was at the same time my brother was born. HMMM........It wasn't until I was in my early 20's that I found out Spotty DID NOT run away but my Dad took her to an animal shelter. My parents actually feared for my baby brothers life!!!:paranoid3 They told me Spotty did not accept the new baby and growled and snipped at him often. My parents are wonderful people who had no choice but to give my dog away. It took them many years to finally "confess" to me the fate of my dog. Needless to say I understood completly,something I know I could not have done at age 6!!!! I am sure I would have told them to get rid of the baby:laughing:
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Over the weekend, I came across a coupla pics of Callie...I don't think I have any of Lucky, but I'm going to keep looking.
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Here's the other...I can't seem to recall how old she was...
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She was beautiful. I feel the saddest thing is that you didn't get to say goodbye.
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Callie's definitely a beautiful kitty! She looks like such a sweet kitty...I hope you're feeling better about things. Life's seems so unfair at times, but these tough lessons make us stronger and better people...(usually) I can see that you turned out to be a sweetheart too! Your wife and kitties are very lucky to have you!

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Ditto to what Cat said!
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