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Is my Maine Coon sick?

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First post to the board I need a little help with my maine coon Lona. She is 6 years old and we recently rescued here from a local shelter where she was removed from her previous home due to the death of her owner. (this was ~4 months ago). Currently she is the only cat in the house but I have had cats my whole life and have never seen a cat do what she is doing.

She is currently throwing up every 10 days or so, not just once but multipule times in a span of 20 minutes. Then she stops, goes right up to me and sits on my lap and purrs until I pet her like nothing has happend. The throwup looks like 45% hair ball, 40% undigested dry food and 15% liquid.

I have been keeping a good watch on her food intake, nothing seems out of the ordinary. She has plenty of dry food so she is not gorging, she only gets about 1/3 a can of wet food in the morning as a treat, she contines to eat normally after she throws up for the rest of the day.

Other then that no other problems she looks fine otherwise the body weight is good and no hair problems, or other crazy psycological things. Any suggestions other then raising the food and possible getting any hair ball treatments.

I would like to get this worked out because I am looking to get another kitten and want Lona extra happy if I do this.
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I relize she isnt a senior quite yet but a senior panel from the vet might be in order to elimanate some causes of this... I say talk to the dr...

recent food change??
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When my cats hack up hair balls they usually happen like you describe. Maine Coones have pretty thick coats. Do you keep her brushed regularly? She could be swallowing alot of fur. You could try giving her hair remedy to help push it through.

If it overly concerns, get her checked at the vet just to be sure it's not something else.
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