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throw up in morning common?

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If she is given hard food in the morning she will throw it up. We have been giving her soft food - in the morning only - and no throwing up. During the day she is fine and we feed them every 4-5 hours, but at night they sometimes go without food for 10 hours or more. Our other cat is fine but Amber will puke.

Is this maybe because she gulps the kibbles without chewing? Is this common? I havent taken her to the vet because only in the morning, only hard food, she gets sick. Otherwise she's fine.

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by nature , cats dont chew that is why some cat foods are made bigger....
a cats mouth is designed to tear and swallow not to chew and swallow.. What type of cat food does she eat and is it small>>??
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I was giving them Authority brand but I just bought a bag of Nutro Natural Choice, which they did well on before she started this morning sickness thing.
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I am unsure of the shape size difference.. but I do know that natural choice is supposed to make them chew but my oldest just swallowed and threw up... Did the baby throw up on authority?? if not try max hair ball very similiar to natural chioce ( no wheat) but the shape is a bit easier..lol.. so said my older one..
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I am no expert, but does she "wolf" her food down?
Try raising her bowl off the ground somewhat.

Or try mixing wet in with the dry...Mine seems to eat slower since I mix them together.
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When Charlotte throws up, it usually is in the morning. And I think it's because she eats so fast and too much in a short amount of time.
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MissCharlotte, I think that is exactly what it is. I think she's so hungry she really does "wolf" it down (thanks Loveysmummy). We were thinking about getting an automatic feeder but that will not work for obvious reasons (boy eats anything in sight) and plus getting them trained to the feeder would not be worth it.

I think we'll just stick with what we're doing, the wet food is kind of a treat for them anyway, and she does good with the mix we're giving her. As long as she doesnt develop something serious, like kitty bulemia.
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To slow down a cat who is eating too quickly, you can raise the food off the ground or put it in a flat dish so that it is spread out. They can't gulp it as quickly.
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