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Editing posts

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I've noticed after a certain amount of time, not sure how long, when you post a reply you can't go back to edit it. I liked it the way it used to be whereas you could.
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You have 24 hours to go in and edit errors in or delete your posts. After that time, please contact a mod. Members have never had the option to delete the first post in a thread, as it deletes the entire thread. Unfortunately, we have had a problem lately with people editing their entire first post and just leaving a message like 'deleted'. This usually happens after the thread originator doesn't care for the way the thread is going. When the entire first post has been wiped, we have little option but to delete the entire thread, as it is pretty much meaningless without the initial post. That affects every member who has posted in the thread. That is why we imposed a time limit on editing.

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