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Sophie's got the sniffles

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My poor baby's come down with a wee cold; she keeps sneezing and has a bit of runny nose. Do you think this warrants a visit to the vet or is this something to worry about or does she just need rest and TLC?

Any advice for the "new mom" here would be greatly appreciated!
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Watch her for the next 2 or 3 days. Make sure she's eating, drinking, using the box and playing normally. If she does not seem any better in a few days, I would take her in. It could be allergies to something as well.
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Thanks Sandie

She's going to the vet tonight to get her kitty manicure (she won't let me near her with a set of clippers!), so I'll be sure to ask them. hehehe:LOL: they're used to me now and all my nervous concerns; it's such a great clinic. Cats only with evening appointments; they have several resident cats, play music for them, have lots of furniture and toys etc... Sophie isn't my first kitty, I had Mitzi when I was a kid; Mitzi was an indoor/outdoor cat, tough but sweet, got into a caffufle with a racoon once and the vet had a real time of it cleaning her up. Sophie is completey different. I adopted her from a shelter, she was a stray kitten who'd been hit by car and ended up at the SPCA; they set her broken leg and nursed her through a respiratory infection before I'd got her. Funny though, they said she might have a permanent limp, and other than when she runs, you don't even notice it! Such a sweetie, I held her my arms and adopted her on the spot; I didn't even bother looking at any of the other cats!

thanks for the advice; I'm so glad I found this site!
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Oh I am glad to see some people finding the cat clinics to be pleasant. I am sure they understand all your concerns. I hope all is okay with her. Make sure and let us know what you find out.
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How is Sophie!?
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Drats I hate it when I type a long complicated post and the page doesn't load! arrghhh. Anyway, thanks for asking Tigger. Vet says Sophie doesn't have a cold, but maybe allergies. I figure it's from playin in all those dust bunnies I never move the furniture to vacuum :LOL: Martha Stewart, I'm not! She's still not to happy with me about the nail trim and soft paw tips

I just finished typing up one of my last english essays for the term so I'm a little Now I just have exams to worry about

Thanks again for asking about Sophie; you people are all so nice!:daisy:
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I'm glad to hear Sophie is ok! I remember when we first got Scooter, he had the sneezies for a while ... I think it was because he was getting used to his new home. But, at the same time, I was treating all 3 of the Bengals for an upper respiratory infection. He had a slight case of it.
Gizmo cannot stand when I try to trim his toes. WHen he was about 9 weeks or so, I accidentally trimmed to far So, now he cries & pulls his toes away from me. Eventually, I do get them trimmed.
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I am so glad to hear it was just an allergy. You know, this time of year is bad for me and one of my cats
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