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Peedoodle and Kahu!

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Get that camera out of my face!!!

I tested the sepia tone on the camera!

He looks like hes thinking!

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Kellye, your fluffballs are gorgeous! Which one is Peedoodle and which one is Kahu?
I love the picture of your grey guy peeking around the door. Looks so much like Eponine!
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Oops, Peedoodle is the grey one and Kahu is the bright white blue eyed baby..
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aww they are gorgeous!
are you taking them back to new zeland?
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Fran - yep they are coming home with me!
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Beautiful kitties! I love the one of Peedoodle peeking out from behind the door, and of him sitting on the floor meowing. Kahu also looks quite majestic in the last one!
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WOW Kellye, what gorgeous babies!!!
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They are looking lovely Kellye. Can't wait till they come to NZ!
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Both lovely
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Kahu is a excelent member of the Fan Club White kittys!!!
and of course Peedoodle is absolutely gorgeous too!!!
Kellye nice shoots!!!
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Wow!! Beautiful cats.
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Both of your Cats are really cute, But i really love your white cat Kahu she is so beautiful.Thats gonna be the next cat we get is an all white one i just absolutely love them.
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Adorable Pictures of your beautiful furkids.
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Wow, they are gorgeous!!!

Love the pics.
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Great pictures! Your cats are absolutely beautiful.
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Kelly, your furbabies are just beautiful as ever!!!!! Love the pics!!!
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