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kitten update!!

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hey my babies are 8 days old!! yay! they are gettting so big already. i still dont know which one i want to keep!!!! i just wanna keep em all!!!! lol i'll have some pics about mon. or so hopefully!!!
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Congrats on the 8 day old kitties!!!
My cat was supposed to be due around mothers day and I am still waitin'

Can't wait for the pics of your little ones.....
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yea i gave my disposable camera to my grandma so i should get it back next wk sometime. i feel like a lobster right now. lol (went to coco beach) word to the wise dont EVER fall alseep int he sun on ur back. lol
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well heather has opened her eyes. and then tori. chevy will most likely open his enxt and wrangler looks like he'll be last
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