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Hairball food?

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Hi, what I want to know if anyone uses hairball food Like: Eukanoba or other brands and if they really work? Also anyone use Purina One foods. I noticed they list chicken as the first ingredient.
Thanks, Ruth
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I use nutro natural choice indoor it works for hairballs... I had used the max hariball( no wheat corn or by products) it worked but is lower in calories..
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I don't use "hairball food" but I do use Laxatone -- my Vet gave it to me for one of my cats (Snickers) who has really long, flowing fur and he's what she called an excessive groomer... his hairballs come out and sort of have their own ZIP code, they're so big!

I think the key to making hairballs go out the other end versus them puking them up is to lubricate. That's what this Laxatone does. It's molasses flavored and boy does Snickers LOVE it! I say "treat" and he falls all over himself to get at it. I've only been using it a week on him but so far, so good.

Anyways if you're serious about hairball remedies, try something along with the food... the Laxatone is around $8 a tube from your Vet, or you can find something comparable at a pet store.
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Thanks for info on Laxatone. I'll have to give it a try. I had used a different brand a long time ago. The minute she seen it coming, she hid. So I would have to sneak it on her paw, so then she would lick it off. Boy was she mad. Not as bad as hacking furballs.
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I use the science diet hairball food. I have tried everything and that is the only thing that seems to work well. I also feed Tyson the natural choice food that is supposed to help prevent hairballs.....
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