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this makes me sick

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I was just "lurking" and reading some off-topic posts on this site & this just makes me sick & sad: http://www.oscarfish.com/cgi-bin/ult...=7&t=001775&p= One person said to not even take the cat to the vet because it's not worth spending the money!
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What's with some people?! I made sure the first thing I found for my kitty was a good vet, a cats only one, and I call them whenever I'm worried about something. There's a lot of misinformation out there. Some people think all they need to do is to provide food and poo-box!
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Someone mentioned that this site tends to be full of pre-pubescent kids talking a lot of crap...I can see why. :

I almost joined the site just to voice my opinions on the posts, then decided just to leave and come back to where I could find adults with consciences and educations.

I know not everyone loves, or even likes cats (poor misguided souls) but this was ridiculous!
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Its beyond me that anyone could dislike a cat They are such awesome creatures!
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I was the one who said that about the members on there! :tounge2:
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What completely awful people!!! To even joke about horrible things happening to kitties makes my blood boil

Heck i think my kitty gets better treatment from her vet than i get from my doctor

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I tell you, I tend to take that garbage with a grain of salt. There are a lot of troublemakers out there who simply post to upset people and get a rise out of them.

I'm not going give them the satisfaction.
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(This by the way is the origin of the Mexican pinata.)
That comment on the forum is not at all true. Those people better get their facts straight. Pinatas are made from either clay pots or balloons. Not cats!!!! That site just sickened me. How the heck did you find this site. Even if its only a joke. I don't find it at all funny.
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It is a fish site for oscars. A lot of the people on there are a bunch of immature kids, and not to mention, adults! At one time, I was a member on there, but quit posting about a year ago or so. I just happen to browse to see what else they say.
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I think it is really weird how people can be "animal lovers" to only one kind of animal! Ok we all know I love cats the best, and Im not particularly interested in fish - but thats just me, it certainly doesn't mean I'd ever hurt any animal I don't like!!!! (Though I like em all!!) Maybe we should suggest just flushing all their fish down the tiolet and see what they have to say!!! grrrrrrr.....(course I wouldn't do that!!)
All I can say about these people is : IDIOTS!!!!
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Here's an ancient Anatolian treat. Here's the recipe, translated from the Lydian:
* Pisidian cat kebab a la Hacilar *
He is talking about Lydians, a civilization which was established around 600's B.C. in Anatolia, where Turkey is now. (They were not Turks).

However, by his second sentence, he doesn't mean them, but probably Turks ?? Hacilar is a famous kebab place in Turkey... There is a chance that he is just joking (not meaning to harm the cats or anything), but he sure does sound fascist !!

I love all the animals & like Bodlover don't understand how people can love only one kind of animal & hate others !
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That is sick and disguesting! I'm glad i don't go there as I would be kicked out for flaming everyone that talks bad about animals. Personally I feel so sorry for their fish,if they talk like that. I wonder what their tanks look like?
Sorry to offend anyone, it just ticks me off sooo much to see this crap going on..
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