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i'm not sure if it's teething, my cat is 4 months old, he hesitates when he eats solid food especially kibbles, he licks the sauce from wet food but not eating the solid and when he chews the kibbles he stops only after a few bites, i crushed the kibbles to a size of a rice and he seems to like that, any clue on this behavior?
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sounds like it may be teething. When lucky went through it she had a few bad days like that were a had to give her more wet or put her dry food in cat milk to soften it. Is your kitten chewing on other things too? Lucky would chew on cardboard and paperback books when they were really bothering her...it seemed to help. Kinda like teething rings for cats i guess. Maybe you can offer your kitten something like that to help ease the pain. If they are still not eating...well it may be something else and you might want to see the vet.
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We gave Bijou and Mika some plastic straws to chew on. We actually found a baby tooth from each of them which our daughter is putting into their scrapbook.
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Kind of off the subject but Dexter had to have a baby tooth extracted when he was a kitten because it was not in the right place...I still have it. Ahhhhhh
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my cat is very picky with his food, he had a fecal done and tested negative of parasites, he just finished his anti-biotic and that could also be the reason, anyway i'll stick with crushing the kibbles until i figure out his behavior, he needs to eat, i will have the vet check his teeth as well, thanks guys.
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