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kittens looking for home

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hello my name is pascal/french living in london since 1989.
i found my cat 9 years ago,he was 3month old,i called him flea bag.I decided not to have his balls cut off,he has a big fluffy rabit under the kitchen table and that seem to do the trick. Last september a freind who was allergic to cat gave us this 10 weeks old black and white femmal.they{fleabag and squicky]fell in love instantly.Sleeping together eating/grooming.Anyway for the first time my good old white and black spot ,fleabag had a good go, it was 9 weeks ago and on the 10th of may this year 5 little black and withe/white and black kitten are born behind my computeur. my cat his a proud father and squicky a very good mother.I already found house for 2 i need a house for 3 more, ready first/second week of july.help in food will be appreciated. The cat have been tested for different virus infection and all came negatif. any info welcome on my email address photo available on demand. than you
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Hi Pascal,

I would urge you to indeed get your cat neutered as soon as possible. Male cats left intact turn aggressive and they spray urine all over your home. You mated him with a really young female kitten and you were lucky there was no problems with the delivery of the kittens. If you truly love fleabag and want him to live a long healthy life, then call your vet and get him in to have his balls cut off. Trust me, he won't even miss them. It isn't like you are the one going to have to have the surgery, and your cat will live longer besides. Also get your female cat spayed. Otherwise you will have to deal with more heat cycles, more kittens and the possibility of some nasty infections or cancers with her. Breeding backyard kittens is never a good idea.
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the cats protection has a mobile spay van going around. try their website for details.

the rspca does free spay/neuter for low incomes and a reduced price for everyone else.
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Hissy offers excellent advice, Pascal! I hope that you can find homes for the 2 kittens together. Please let us know how this all turns out for you. After they get neutered, both Fleabag & Squicky will be closer than ever & they get more "kitteny" again. My daughter's cat JC just got neutered and it's great to have the frolicky, happy boy back - it's like he's taken youth serum. I had adopted a cat, Sal,when he was over 5 years. After his surgery, he became very kitteny & playful and even more affectionate. It really does seem to take a load off their mind, in my experience.
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hello pascal ! I have a already a cat so I can't have an other one but don't worry I know you'll find somebody interested by your kittens because they are so sweet ! how is fleabag doing ? Is he still interested in his rabbit ? good luck for your future and have fun ! see you soon I think ...
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