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Felix has itchy ears

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Hi, I've been to the vet with my cat Felix and was told he dos'nt have ear mites. He is always iching on the out-side of his ears, making one of them sore. I do use a pump sray for his fleas,so I really don'nt know what the problem could be. I would be grateful if anyone has any ideas.

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Did the vet check for an ear infection? Every time I have had a case of itchy ears, it has been a yeast or bacterial infection.
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Thank you Sandie, I'm due back at the vets tommorow, so I will mention that it might be a bacterial problem.Thanks again for your help
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You are very welcome. I have one cat, who for some reason has had 2 of them. The vet thinks it's from an infection when he was a kitten. He said sometimes it takes ahwile for it to grow. Boy does Sammy hate us messing with his ears now..LOL
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Sandy I think cats are like elephants, they never forget anything

Sorry I'm late replying, my vet has given Felix a longer acting antibiotic. She says that she will give him a skin scrape if he is',nt any better in 7 days.But because Felix is naughty with her, he will have to be sedated. I just hope he is better soon, I will let you know how he gets on, thanks again Sandy
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My Dani was scratching her ears and shaking her head.

Since she had just recovered from a severe ear infection, and the Vet said she was healed, I was at a loss as to what could be causing the itching. I thought ear mites, but I did not know how she could have gotten those since she is an indoor cat. It had been about 2 weeks after the final antibiotic drops and a clear bill of health from the Vet.

Well, to my surprise, The Vet said she had severe buildup of polyps. (we knew she had polyps before, but now it was causing irritation) He said she needed surgery (scoping to scrape out the polyps and to test for any malignany.

Well, she had the proceedure done, and it helped. But then the itching came back 3 weeks later. We just came from the Vet, and he said simply put a solution of ear cleaner in her ears once a week, to clean debris and excess was out. That he said should help.

Ssoooooo after this longwinded letter,.....I have stated several possibilities...Only the Vet can tell you what it is.

Good luck.
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Thank you very much Val,Felix is no longer itching his ears, which is hopefully a good sign.His bad ear is not as red and sore, so fingers crossed, the antibiotics are working.

I'm taking him back to see my vet on friday,and I'll see what she says.

I hope your little Dani ears will be fine Val, and that the ear cleaning solution works,all the best with Dani

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Thanks Jackie...

Her ears seem better.... I can't keep up with this little beastie's energy when she is awake!! :LOL: :LOL:

I am glad Felix is better. Poor little guy.
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Aww thank you Val,Dani sounds like a little bundle of joy

I will let you know Val how Felix is doing, its such a relief to see him not itching

Oh we love our cats so much
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