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Emma's Ear "crud"

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Not sure if this should be here or in Care and Grooming, but anyways:

snuggling w/ Emma this evening I noticed she has significantly more waxy "crud" in her ears than Oliver does, and it is significantly darker than his (dark brown almost black).

I've been watching her poke around since and her ears don't seem to bother her--she isn't scratching at them so I'm doubting that it's mites. Is there an easy way to remove the gunk? Or, since it's not bothering her, should I not worry about it?

I guess I'm a little focused on ear health today since I have a horrible cold which has one of my ears all blocked up and hurting like you know what!

Any ideas about Emma's ears, though?
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there are many commercial ear cleaners... try the lps
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I'd suggest going to the vets just to confirm that it's definately NOT ear mites, and then yourvet can recommend a good quality ear cleaner.

My boys are from the same litter but one has worse ears than the other. I use an ear cleaner for him every week or so.
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