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Everyone's a critic!

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I have a cd player in my kitchen, and was listening to a cd while cleaning. It was "Decoration Day" by the Drive By Truckers, a kind of country rock thing. Apparently Scooter is not a DBT fan. After a few songs, he kept jumping up and turning it off. I got tired of turning it back on, so I put in Johnny Cash's "The Man Comes Around." He has not touched it. Pearl likes it, she always sits and stares at the cd player when I play Johnny Cash or Mike Ness. She likes Cross Country on XM Radio, too. She sits beside it and gives it kitty loves during Webb Wilder's radio show. She seems to like men with deep voices. Go figure. I once had a kitty that would turn on the radio in the morining while I was making coffee. She liked the rock station. I had another that would go crazy over classical music.
Any other feline music lovers out there?
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Spaz likes classical music, mostly piano, and some modern jazz.
The others don't care, as long as the house is noisey.

Your cat turning on the radio brings to mind a cat I once had.
When I left the apartment for work, I always left the tv on for the cat.
One day, I came home, and the cable box channel had been changed and there she was, watching some porn like movie(Showtime I think).
I thought nothing of it, thinking it was an accidental channel change by her stepping on the remote.
The next day, same routine, tv on, I placed the remote in my nightstand drawer where it normally goes anyway.
I come home, and note that she's opened the drawer, remote on the floor, and she was watching smut, again.
I still boggle over that one.
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Those are so hilarious!! Yes, my cats are soo picky, too - they hate my Alternative/Punk. And the story about the cat watching smut on Showtime is CLASSIC!!! I love these cat stories!!! Thanks for sharing!
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Arlyn, that's a great story about you kitty liking the adult channels!

Tibby and Molly have very different tastes in music! The only things they agree on is Lounge music and Bob Marley! It's a good job I love them!
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Well Gandalf doesn't like country music at all. Not even Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatts whom I love so I only listen to them in the car when he's not with me. He starts crying really loud when they're on.

Samwise doesn't seem to notice as long as there is something on he's okay.
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about the Porn thing..
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That's hilarious about the kitty and Showtime!!!!!! TOOOOO funny!!!

Waffle doesn't seem to care one way or the other. Usually when music is turned on in my apartment it's either blaring from my roommates room (which is fine because she and I both like nearly every kind of music) or is some really funny dance mix that we decide to have an inhome dance party to in the living room. She never cares, so I suppose she's like me and likes it all.
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Limerick love Nickleback.... it calms him down for some reason. He likes pop and rock.

I'm with Scooter, I can't stand country.... I seriously go crazy if I listen to it for too long. I was shopping and the Shoe Dept had this country group on the radio, singing "I Do Cherish You" a 98 Degrees song. I use to love the song, but now, not so much. After 5 mins. I ran from the store and went home, blasting the rock station the entire way.
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