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The Sammycat my poor baby

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The Sammycat has been throwing up every time he eats for the past 2 weeks. Sometimes it is as soon as he eats other times it is a few hours later. He is not acting like he feels bad or anything like that. So after a lot of careful observation The Sammycat took the dreaded trip to the vet's office.

It seems that The Sammycat my have "Irritable Bowel Syndrome", for the next 10 days he will be on Predinose. His vet wants to rule out an allergy before doing the more evasive procedure to check him for the IBS. As explained to me by his vet IBS can sometimes be diarreha or throwing up, sometimes both. As soon as I got him home tonight he wanted his usual meal. After a few minutes he started heaving but luckly he didn't throw up again Other than the throwing up and the dry heaves he is fine and acts like nothing is wrong with him.

Bless his little heart he has had a rough day at the vet's office, now he is just laying around very glad to be home
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Awwww, I am so sorry to hear sweet little Sammycat is not well!
Sending vibes that the meds help him feel much better and keep his food down.
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If he wants to rule out allergies, shouldn't Sammycat be on a special diet? Like maybe lamb and rice or something?
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Aww.. Get well Sammycat sweetie... My girls send you lots of kisses and light scritchies.
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Awww... poor baby. Feel better soon Sammycat!
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Sorry to hear about this, I've had kitties with IBS, it can be frustrating until you find the right food for them.
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The Sammycat has been eating the Iams dry food since he was a baby. He simply will not eat any other food. I have tried all kinds of foods for him. Wet foods?....he just covers them up

I tried him on the Hill's Science diet after carefully adjusting the quanties of the Iams and Hills. He would pick out the Iams and leave the Hills in the bowl until Ceasar, my MinPin, came and scarfed it down. He will throw up the other brands quicker than he does the Iams. This isn't the first time he has done the heaving after eating, he did this same thing last year. The vet treated him for a hairball blockage. But this round of the throwing up there is no evidence of a hairball blockage.

Hopefully my baby will get back to his ole crazy self soon
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I am sorry to hear that little Sammycat is not feeling well
Sending *Good Vibes* for a speedy recovery!
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Hope you get Sammy's problem sorted out soon!
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, Sammycat!
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Poor baby! Dont you just hate it went their poorly

Get well soon Sammycat sweetie
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Oh no!!! Poor Sammycat!

I hope your tummy problems clear up soon handsome boy

Me and the girls are sending major healing vibes, kisses, scritches and headbutts

Get well soon Sammycat!!!
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Sending get well vibes for SammyCat! Please keep us posted Cathi!
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Hope Sammycat is feeling better soon! Kepi had IBS badly when we first got him, we were very lucky to have found a food that "agreed" with him fairly quickly.
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The Sammycat said to tell all of you Thank You for the get well vibes.

This morning it seems that The Sammycat is going to hold his food least so far anyway. I sure hope that my boy gets to feeling better soon.
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I'm glad he is having a good day. Maybe the prednisone is working! Poor baby, hope he just keeps improving!
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It seems that the prednisone is helping my baby. He has been on it since last week and hasn't thrown up at all. I have only seen him doing the dry heaves twice since starting the meds too. This is a step in the right direction it seems.

I talked with the vet Saturday when I carried Nakita, one of my huskies, for her shots. He is going to start The Sammycat on Hills' prescription ZD diet for a week or so and then take him off it to see if the vomiting starts again. If it does then The Sammycat will go back on the ZD diet from then on.
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Fwiw, I understand that Hills Z/D now has a canned version as Joshua would have so loved that (he was on Hills Z/D for the last several years of his life).

Very glad to hear the pred is giving him some relief!
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