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I received this e-mail yesterday:

"Dear Lisa -

Congratulations!! I wanted to let you know that we have chosen APS as the recipient of the George Award for caregiver of the year this year. Since you were instrumental in making that happen, we are including you in the award as well. Congratulations!!! You brought about a major change by being such a devoted advocate to the cats and TNR. I am so delighted for you and APS".

I'm really excited over this in hopes that APS (where I work) will let me further this program throughout the State! APS let me start the TNR program in the area I work about a year ago, and it is going very well! This is being given by AzCATs and I feel honored!
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That's fantastic!! Congrats!!

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Congratulations to you That is wonderful and you must be a very special person
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Congratulations! That's wonderful. (=
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Congratulations. It's wonderful that sometimes you actually get recognized for the selfless things you do. You DO ROCK!
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Congratulations! That's great!
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Well done. You must be feeling great!
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